22 Little Clouds, Finished!

Well, this one’s been finished for awhile, I just never got around to getting a photo of it. Here you go.


All pinned out!

And done!



Project Details:

Pattern: 22 Little Clouds
Needles: Chiaogoo circulars, size 3.75
Yarn: Classic Elite Inca Alpaca, deep olive brown, 4 skeins. From Deep Stash, Bin #1. I used almost all of it
For: Me.
What I Learned: I’m discovering the joy of small projects. Instant gratification! I started this on December 8th and finished on the 13th. It’s actually a few more than 22 clouds around the edge, since I made it a bit bigger to use up as much yarn as possible. This is a terrifically easy pattern, perfect for knitting in a meeting where you are supposed to be paying attention. It would be good TV knitting. I’ll wear this one a lot.


22 Little Clouds, Finished! — 7 Comments

  1. I love small, fast projects for rejuvenating the knitting mojo. Beautiful scarf!

    Happy New Year!

  2. I’m working on this right now…how many extra repeats did you do? I like the size of yours and think my sister (who will be the recipient) would like it bigger as well.

  3. I love her patterns, this one is going on the list. Now that I’ve survived yarn buying withdrawal, I’ve seemed to have substituted another addiction. Who knew paper, little tubes of paint and coloured pencils could accumulate so quickly?