22 Little Clouds

I promised a new project. This is yet another pile of incredibly soft and warm alpaca out of Stash Box 1.


That’s 4 skeins of Classic Elite Inca Alpaca, in a shade of brown that is close to coffee with just a splash of cream. I started this Sunday, and I’m about to finish.



The pattern is “22 Little Clouds”, a free scarf/shawl pattern by Martina Behm. It’s a simple triangular stockinette scarf, but with a doubling of the stitches for the border so it makes ruffles. I increased the size a bit since I wanted to use all of the yarn, so this adds up to over 600 stitches to bind off.

Tomorrow is the last day of this marathon conference, which is a good thing. I’m not sure I can stuff any more facts into my brain before stuff starts falling out the other side. We leave late tomorrow to head for home, then back to work next week to apply all of this new knowledge.

By the way, everybody wish Lewey a happy birthday! Tomorrow is his seventh birthday. We brought him home to his “forever home” 6 years ago. Here’s what he looked like in the car on the way home:


Happy Birthday, little buddy!

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22 Little Clouds — 12 Comments

  1. Did you see? The knitty.com blog linked to your post about knitting through a 60-hour medical conference! (oh, and btw, thanks for this post that gave me the perfect solution for some Drops Alpaca I have left over from another project.)

  2. Oh wow, so pretty!! That pattern looks like something that is simple but pretty that I may actually be able to pull off. I am trying to venture out into larger projects again but with the littles, I have zilch concentration. I am going to look this one up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Happy Biirthday Lewey!!!

    I’m off to check out that pattern. I am inspired to keep plugging away at UFOs and the stash bins!

    Safe travels home!

  4. Lewey is the sweetest little fellow~ I wish him many, many more Happy Birthdays! The shawl is looking great too. You certainly have made progress.

  5. Happy Birthday to Lewey!!!

    I favorited that pattern…it’s cute and a perfect conference knitting project.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday Lewey!!! Hope he’s got a few cookies coming. He’s a cutie pie. I have two corgis and they’re both little characters, as is Lewey I’m sure.
    Yay for knitting progress!

  7. Found you!!! I’ve been lost without Google Reader but am using today to set up my favorites on Feedly. Happy New Year to you!

  8. oh no, I’m late to wish Lewey a happy birthday! I remember seeing him on your blog for the first time ๐Ÿ™‚ What a cute face in this picture.