$350 Is A Lot Of Yarn, Buddy

We had a little excitement around here yesterday. Lewey the Corgi is affectionately known around here as the Garbage Scow. He just eats stuff. It helps that he’s low to the ground, so at the park and on walks, he just runs with his head down and his mouth open, scooping up whatever is in his path. Mostly it doesn’t seem to bother him. Tuesday night he started vomiting rather prodigious quantities of everything he’d eaten, all over the house. It seemed to stop, and yesterday morning he seemed better. Then he ate again, started the cycle all over, and late yesterday we made a vet appointment for him for this morning.

As the evening wore on, he became more and more “not-Lewey”. He was listless and looked fairly pitiful, along with throwing up over and over. By about 11PM when we were getting ready for bed, he couldn’t walk without staggering a bit, and we had to pick him up to carry him upstairs to his bed. We decided to throw in the towel and took him to the all-night emergency vet. Several hours later, after xrays, meds, and poking and prodding, the diagnosis? “We think he must have eaten something.” No kidding. The good news was that it didn’t sound like a bowel obstruction, and he looked like a new man after some fluids and some nausea meds.

This morning? He’s dashing around, ate a little bowl of blended chicken baby food, no throwing up. He’s back at our regular vet now to get their blessing, but I’m pretty sure he’s back to normal. But Buddy, that was my Madrona yarn money. Don’t do that again.

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$350 Is A Lot Of Yarn, Buddy — 29 Comments

  1. I’m glad he’s feeling better. Our Dobie at a black walnut while out walking several years ago. $3000 later, the walnut was out. I saved that walnut for YEARS…it had to be the most expensive nut ever!

  2. So glad to hear Lewey is feeling better. They certainly can make life interesting (as I have my little angel at work with me now…)! I’m sure he’s sorry LOL!

  3. Oh Lewey! You just wanted some extra attention didn’t ya. Those ears of yours are soooo cute, well worth all that yarn, don’t listen to your mama, but don’t eat all sorts of stuff either, its really not good for you. Stick to the yummy things, like spaghetti.

  4. Glad Lewey is okay. LOL, though, when the post first came up I saw just the x-ray, and I thought “oh dear, what’s happened to Lorette?” and I looked and looked at it, trying to figure out just what part of your body I was looking at! Then, I finally got around to reading and I figured out it was a dog body. For awhile there I was afraid you had some serious problems there!

  5. I was looking at the Xray thinking “puzzle piece? car keys?” and expecting that any second you were going to tell us what it was, like he’s Curious George and is just EMPTY insde except for this foreign object. hehe
    Good thing he’s feeling better – it could have been a MUCH bigger portion of the yarn budget! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Awh man here I thought he ATE 350$ worth of yarn! hehe yep the little ones tend to ‘eat’ up our yarn money don’t they. Some of mine went to ice skates for my girl!

  7. Oh, Lewey! There are better ways to get attention, buddy!! We’re glad you’re all right, and we understand you’re a corgi and can’t always help yourself, but try not to do that again!!

  8. Bad Lewey! Eating momma’s yarn money up like that. You’re lucky she loves you.
    My cat was diagnosed with stones in his bladder last summer. He was miserable, poor little guy. He cost me $1,200 in yarn/Coach bags/new shoes money. So, yeah, I feel your pain.

  9. Those dang animals. We’ve had two dogs who each had to have intestinal surgery at the University Veterinary Hospital to extract things they shouldn’t have eaten. Forget yarn, we could have gone a tour of Europe with those $$$.

  10. poor Lewey – don’cha just hate it when the kids get sick.. silly puppy dog eating all that nasty stuff.
    I hope to bump into you over the weekend sometime. It should be a great time!

  11. There were times when the husb and I would wish we could deduct the vet bills on our taxes. I mean – the critters are dependents, afterall – it’s just a shame that the government doesn’t think so…
    And the vet was starting to get dollar signs in his eyes when we would walk through the door.
    Glad the Lewey is better. Sorry about your yarn budget.

  12. Well, at least you got a good picture for the blog!
    I went to the Madrona Market today and was quite restrained. Sorry you have to be restrained, too. And I’m sorry I won’t get to knit with you this year; I can’t go back this weekend.
    I’m glad Lewey’s doing better.

  13. Glad he is better. I had a cat that ate sewing thread (while l was away on a business trip and my mom took care of her) and did largely the same things as Lewey. After that, the cat seemed to stay away from my sewing things.

  14. the vet once told us scooby needed a $750 tail operation. thank goodness we waited and it healed on his own. glad he is feeling better.

  15. Poor Lewey! I’m glad he’s ok!
    You know Lorette, it’s VERY hard to read your comments…the grey against the teal background is very hard to read!

  16. Cute dog. Dumb dog. He’s like my daughter’s cat who can’t stop himself from eating string, laces, etc. he had the same symptoms as Lewey–turns out it WAS a bowel obstruction, for which surgery was required. My daughter works as a clerk in a store and as a waitress part time. Took her grocery money, her rent money, her dental money, etc., etc. These naughty animals are very cute, but very expensive!!

  17. Oh…that song is all too familiar here. Our 7 month old, 123 pound mastiff puppy did (according to our vet) “something” to his hip. Sadly, the darn dog’s hip healed much faster than my mad money stash will heal from the $774.50 vet bill.
    Glad Lewey’s okay…he’s such a cutie!