7 Things

No, this isn’t the “7 Things” meme. It’s just that seven is all the things I could think of at the moment.

1. I’m still knitting the same stuff. No new pictures. It just mostly looks the same. I’m not bored with it, but you might be if I posted photos that looked the same as last time.

2. It’s just still fracking raining here. Rain rain rain rain. It’s all we’ve had all week. I’m starting to get moss on my north side (or is it the south side that it grows on?).

3. I just discovered NetNewsWire. I have used Bloglines as my blog aggregator for a long time, but it’s gotten really twitchy recently. If you have a Mac, try it out. It’s very cool. NNW, you heard it here. I’m probably the last Mac blogger on earth to find this one.

4. Google searches, redux. I just have to laugh that somebody got to my blog this week by typing “Aunti Debi” into Google. Now, really. If you were a person looking for your Aunti Debi, would you type “Aunti Debi” into Google?? Really? Hon, I’m pretty sure she’s not here.

5. Ravelry rocks. It’s a big-ass time-sucker, but it rocks. I’ve found lots more projects that I need to knit than I’ll have time for in any lifespan allotted to me.

6. I finally gave up trying to keep up, and hit “mark all read” in both NNW and Bloglines.

7. We had to have another tree taken out of our yard. This one was a Garry Oak, and it was huge. Unfortunately it had started to split right at the fork between the two main branches. We decided to take it out before it took out part of the rest of the yard.

The problem:

Click on the photo to see.

They had to get a crane in to handle this one.

And now it’s just a bunch of firewood. Very wet firewood.

Excuse me. I’m going to look for the lifejackets.


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  1. Poor Garry. had to get lopped off and made into firewood. *giggle* I know what you mean about projects boring people. That’s why I’m always casting on new stuff(ok it’s really the Startitis doing it).
    And, you mean you’re not my Aunti Debi? *pouts*. πŸ™‚

  2. Here in Texas we’ve had 70 inches already this year, when 20 to 30 is our normal ANNUAL amount. Huge trees are just falling over in yards, the ground so soft that the roots simply come unhinged.
    Perfect sock-knitting weather.

  3. Would you believe I use THREE rss aggregrators? So if one is down, I can still access my posts on another one? Newsgator is my primary, backed up by Bloglines and by Google Reader. I’ll read via one and then go and mark-all-read on the others to keep them “even,” although interestingly, posts show up at different times on the different readers. I wonder why?

  4. I don’t know, I think I would rather have rain than the heat and humidity we have been having …
    BTW, I tagged you for a music meme, if you care to play along (I couldn’t think of many others I knew who talked about music on their blogs, ever!)

  5. This is the type of blog post I should be writing at the moment – minus the tree and Aunti Debi. At least you’re still knitting. πŸ™‚

  6. I love the rain – except that it’s summertime and the kiddos want to be outside! I love Ravelry too (more fun on rainy days!)

  7. I came home from work one day to find a 120 foot tree removed from our yard. I thought the guy was just coming over for an estimate. Turns out Chuck did it himself after he refused to pay what the estimate would have cost! I guess that’s what I get for marrying a Minnesota farm boy.
    I’m glad he didn’t know you wanted an oak removed. He may have hightailed it over the border just to satisfy his wood turning urges. Hard wood is not that common up here.

  8. We were just commenting to each other that everything feels damp. I’m used to the ground squishing, but not in summer! Garry Oaks are the patron saint here in Oak Harbor and you have to get permission even to trim them! To cut one down you need permission from the city council.

  9. I use Net News Wire and I love it. It is the only blog reader I ever used. Dana found it for me and taught me how to use the thing. I also love that it is right on my toolbar.

  10. Uh-oh. Another someone trying to sneak your booze? I mean first there was that Marie person and now Debi.
    I think they are hiding in your yarn storage bins.
    I mean we all know there is Plenty of room.

  11. you aren’t the last mac user to find nnw, i think that i am. now i am off to check it out. thanks for the tip.

  12. so sorry that you lost a beautiful tree –
    glad to find you on Ravelry though.
    I’ll have to try and make my way to your knitting circle soon!

  13. What, your not my Aunti Debi. I may just cry. πŸ™‚
    Could you send the rain our way, i could use some rainy days. Of course it would also help if you could drop the temp here about 30 degrees, no wait 40.

  14. You made the right choice to remove that tree. Our neighbors had a similar situation but ignored it right up until the time the rest of the tree split and crushed their garage…..

  15. Hi
    Remember me? The knitting shrink? I disappeared for a long time – I was in divorce-ville. I have finally found my way back to a computer – which is, BTW, AN IBOOK. I have been on MAC’s since they were APPLE II’s (which will date me). I am going to check out the site you suggested since I am the last mac user to ever hear of it (so, my dear, you are off the hook)