A Couple Of FOs

Well, that was a little longer than I intended to be away! Since the last post, we finished the kitchen remodel, went to Washington DC, I finished a pair of socks, and I’m 99.9% done with that Peacock Shawl. Whew. I even went to work once or twice.

Here’s how the kitchen turned out. We couldn’t be more pleased with it.

The last photo is the powder room. Of course, the counters in the kitchen are already a lot more cluttered than in those photos.

We went to DC last week to visit a good friend whose wife (also a good friend!) is stationed in Baghdad. We had a great time, did a lot of wonderful touristy things, and ate and drank some lovely food and wine. Here’s just one photo of me and another knitter I found.

We of course took tons of photos, which I won’t terminally bore you with. Here’s a link to John’s Picasa album if you are interested.

And I finished those Wicked Witch socks while we were in DC. Our friend Byron lives out in Arlington, so we did a lot of subway riding, giving me lots of knitting time.

Project Details:

Yarn: Tempted Good Grrl sock yarn, in the color Wicked Witch.
Needles: Knit Picks Harmony, size 2.25.
Pattern: Um, do you have to ask any more? These were 72 stitch socks.
Started: December 2008
Finished: April 2009
For: Me
What I learned: Don’t post photos of sock yarn unless you are willing to buy more for family members who want some of their very own. My niece Angie loved this color so much that I bought a second hank for some for her. I thought about sending her these, but I think they’ll be a bit small. She has even bigger feet than I do. Plus I love them too much. You’ll get yours, my pretty.
I also learned that I probably should quit buying sock patterns and pattern books. I always end up knitting the same thing.

And I finished the knitting on the Peacock. I just need to wash and block it, which will happen this week. Here’s a finished-but-not-blocked photo.

Next time, the finished Peacock, and what’s new on the needles.


A Couple Of FOs — 18 Comments

  1. The kitchen is divine!
    *waves at Eleanor Roosevelt*
    Those are great socks! I don’t blame you for not wanting to give them up.

  2. Okay….you’re being entirely too productive!!
    Your DC photos look great. I loved visiting there and taking in all of the sites.
    Kitchen is beautiful…. have y’all broken it in yet with a big gourmet meal?

  3. Your kitchen and powder room are beautiful! I know you are happy to have the renovation finished. Great socks, too!

  4. Welcome back. The kitchen looks lovely. You and John are such accomplished cooks – you really deserve it! I really love knitting more complicated socks, but when it comes down to it, I really love wearing my Plain Janes.

  5. Love the new kitchen. I expect to see a lot of great foodie posts in the future. I think you’ll never want to leave your new kitchen now that it’s finished. Sounds like a great trip to DC. Great knitting and adventures all around. Enjoy!

  6. Your kitchen is gorgeous!! And so is the powder room. I love the socks too. I bet the shawl will be once it’s all blocked.

  7. Bravo on the kitchen! I love the photo of you and Ms. Eleanor, and I can’t wait to see that shawl blocked.

  8. I am so jealous of the kitchen, it is gorgeous! I love the socks you really made the yarn look wonderful. Can’t wait to see the shawl blocked.

  9. Hey Lorette, the new kitchen is just gorgeous! Did you change the layout or just the materials? I am about to embark on the same thing and need a good architect and contractor. Any recommendations?

  10. The kitchen is great! Looks like it’s laid out so conveniently for cooking (& maybe conversing while cooking). I just read the Piecework article about ER – I had always idolized her anyway but now . . . . I love that sock yarn – it almost glows. I am forcing myself to not go find & buy some right now. I think I have enough sock yarn to outfit my entire extended family (sibs, nieces, nephews, children, grands, etc, etc) with enough socks so that they could go at least a month without washing socks. And I belong to 4 sock clubs! Fortunately I have relatively small feet & the only other folks I make socks for are the grands – the oldest is 7 & very small for his age. I can usually get a pair for myself & a pair for one of them out of 100gm of yarn.

  11. the kitchen is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am glad you are enjoying it! I cannot wait til we can redo our kitchen… but we decided a new furnace and air conditioner were more important… Priorities…
    The socks are AMAZING!!!! I love them! They are so cute!!! Anytime you need to find someone to take some of your awesome socks from you, I would be happy to do that! LOL!
    Oh, and the shawl is GORGEOUS!!!! It is beautiful!
    I am glad you had fun in DC. I have never been there, but someday I would love to go. So much history there! : )
    Miss you! *hugs*