A Lesson Learned…

Don’t try to blog when you are dead tired.  It is about as successful as knitting when in the same state, and usually results in doing things over.
I got home late last night…about 11:30.  I work a screwball work week; 7 days on, 7 days off, the week on adds up to about 80-90 hours when things go well and I’m home on time.  It was also a very stressful day, for any number of reasons.  Let’s just say they don’t make up a lot of the stuff on ER….we have things happen in a real-life hospital that would be considered too way out there to make it on network TV.
Anyway, I decided to post, being the dedicated new blogger that I am.  I carefully composed, then in one click hit the button that closed the browser WITHOUT SAVING THE BLASTED THING.  Yes, I know talking in caps is shouting….it’s nothing compared to the swear words coming out of my office last night, followed by the sound of my forehead banging up and down on the desktop.

And I did not get any knitting done, because I decided to use those last relaxing few moments before bed to write.  And I have no recollection of what I was going to write.  And no new knitting to show for my day, as I just got home.  Fortunately some nice man is making me dinner, then I will get to knit in peace and quiet.  Law & Order reruns, here I come.

I posted a forgotten project in the “On the Needles” page.  Now I can’t find the online picture, but the yarn (Schoeller Esslinger Sunshine) was on sale on Elann recently, along with the pattern book.  Now the pattern book seems to be gone from their site.  Looks boring now, but the finished sweater hopefully will be cute.  And warm.  We don’t take spring seriously here in the Pacific Northwest for at least a month or two.

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