A “Real” Post

With “Real” Knitting!

Well, maybe only partly real knitting. I’m still working on that baby thing. The secret thing. Yes, I know, the baby’s almost a month old. What I’m knitting won’t be usable for a few more months anyway, since it’s very heavy wool. Which is why I’m not done with it. We’ve had an unusual heat wave in the Pacific Northwest, and knitting with a ton of heavy wool in my lap is just not fun.

If your name is Janet, go do something else for a few minutes. You’ll see it when it’s good and ready.

Here’s what it looks like at the moment.

OK, it still sort of looks like crap. It’s in the round, so it just looks like a bag of wool. Trust me, this stuff is squishy and warm. I want a king sized bed version of this, except I’m already sick to death of feather and fan.

I’ve discovered that when you’ve got nothing for the blog, post photos of loot. On the Alaska trip, I managed to find a few yarn shops. One in every port, as a matter of fact.

Here’s the shop in Ketchikan:

Cool, eh? My husband has no idea how I manage to unerringly find yarn shops where-ever I am.

Here’s the loot.

All of those are local, except the one on the far right, which is laceweight from Estonia. It’s prettier than it looks in that photo. Oh here.

That still doesn’t do it justice. It’s just gorgeous.

And I need more lace yarn. I didn’t blog this before, but while we were on the ship, someone made off with my Langsjal Jóhönnu shawl. I had it at dinner one night, and had it across the back of my chair. The next day I didn’t have it, and nobody ever turned it in to lost and found. If you see it on anyone, grab the damn thing off her back and shoot me an email.

Here’s a photo to memorialize it.


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  1. I have two skeins of that same Estonian lace: a green and a blue, purchased in Stockholm. They are really really beautiful. It’s taking me a while to decide on a project for them, bc I want to really use it for something special.

  2. I bought the same yarn from Ravens something or other, in Alaska this summer, while on a cruise, I thought in Ketchican also. I also got a quilt pattern with the Raven on it, from the totem maker in Sitka. Kinda makes you go HUM?

  3. Glad to know you survived the heat. How awful that the shawl was stolen! I don’t know whether to hope it finds a happy home or gets moths!

  4. Taking a hand knit shawl is just pure evil – stealing your time & creativity as well as your property. I have that same ability to find LYS. Last summer we went to Oregon Il – a small town with a state park nearby – just to breathe some clean air & spend some time walking in the woods. The town has a “mall” of all kinds of small shops &, of course, I made a beeline for the LYS (even though I had no idea there was one in that building when I entered it.)

  5. I’m so sorry about your shawl. I know how you feel. I had knit a beautiful cardigan that was my unique/one of a kind design. Periwinkle blue, shawl collar, a bubbly texture. Took a LOT of work to make. I left it on the back of a chair in my shop and someone stole it-from a yarn shop! Everyone in town knows that sweater is mine, so if they wear it they’ll be sorry.

  6. Ok -I can see why someone would lust after your shawl….but just to take it??? That is so beyond wrong. I bet they dont even realize it is handknit and how much work went into it…don’t worry…karma is out there….

  7. Ohhhhh…The Merry Karma is not happy….but fortunately, karma will catch up with this person, and it won’t be pretty.
    I am sooooo sorry!

  8. OMG, I feel sick for you. May the shawl strangle the thief and justice thereby be done. Huh. Guess I still need some work on forgiveness, peace, calmness, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah.

  9. That is just not right! What a beautiful shawl. I hope whoever took it, trips over it and breaks a leg. A long way from a doctor.

  10. So I tried winging that baby blanket on my own….not a good idea…didnt quite know how to do corners….so will have to ripitripit and maybe buy the pattern….sign….but it was just leftover yarns – not as pretty as yours!

  11. I’m so sorry someone took your beautiful shawl, and on vacation too! Pure evil!!

  12. Damn. I’m SO Sorry. Of course, if it were a choice between lost jewelry and this lost masterpiece – the knitting would win anytime. This is truly a work of art. I’m so sorry that is in someone else’s hands right now. **HUGS**

  13. It’s still hard to believe that someone stole that shawl. may they feel horribly ill every time they wear it.
    And John really shouldn’t be too surprised about the yarn-shop-finding ability 🙂 I think that it from all the yarny-fume-sniffing that has happened over the years.
    So has the countdown begun til the new job??