A Very Sad Picture


This is our local ski area, Crystal Mountain. All the Washington state ski areas have closed due to lack of snow. It’s 37 degrees at the summit at the moment, so while that sky might look like it has moisture in it, I doubt that it will be the white fluffy kind. While I don’t like snow in my backyard, it would be nice to be able to drive to it and play for awhile.

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My name is Lorette. I learned to knit in 1999, and took up spinning in 2009. I'm a physician specializing in internal medicine, and live in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy my blog!


A Very Sad Picture — 5 Comments

  1. We received another 6″ today. On top of the 27″ (or was it 30″?) that we received last week. I’ve never seen this much snow out here. I’ll send you some! 🙂

  2. Being from the South, I can say confidently that the snow looks lovely and that I only have to worry about that sort of thing once a year! I’m a 2nd-year med student, and you’ve inspired me to start my own blog. Oh, and your Rogue looks lovely!

  3. much like Kerstin, I can offer to send you some. We had another parking ban last night for the 6″ they say we got (the wind has gotten ahold of it and the drifts lead me to believe we got more or less then that). Tomorrow they’re predicting temps below zero, and now 37 degrees sounds like a heat wave…
    The pocket on Rogue looks great and though I’ve never knitted with pink-ish colored yarns I’d consider it after seeing your pictures.

  4. My brother lives in Seattle and has been in mourning for lack of snow. It’s his birthday and he can’t do what he wants to do most! We have a foot of new in our mountains today but we’re getting snain. Your husbands socks look great, btw.
    And thanks for your comment to my post today. I love the idea of the Zen/Motorcycle quote.

  5. It’s strange how the snow/moisture just seems to get redistributed every year. Our mountains and ski resorts are having a great year, but we had quite a few poor ones the past few. I guess it makes sense, since there is a finite amount of water to go around, it just doesn’t seem right that there are such wide variations year to year.