Which stands for “Another Bloody Cathedral”, or “Another Bloody Castle”. We’re now 16 days into our vacation, with three more full days of the cruise left, then we’re staying in Budapest another couple of days, then home. I can’t possibly do a blog post for each stop on the cruise, since I just had to dump a nearly full 8 GB photo card off my camera so we can finish the trip. That’s way too many photos to show you all. So here are the highlights. Get yourself a beverage before you start…

Cologne, or Koln. Magnificent cathedral. Of all the ABCs we’ve seen, it’s my favorite. Gothic excess out the wazoo.

It wouldn’t fit in one photo, so you get two.

We had a glass blowing demo on board one morning. He was a comedian as well as a glass artist.

Cruising through the Rhine Gorge. Lots of ABCs here.

That was taken at the Residenz Palace in Wurzburg. I’m not showing you a photo of the Palace, it looks just like a humongous castle and a church combined.

Teddy Bear shop in Rothenburg:

I found a new friend for Sweetpea. He doesn’t have a name yet, his ear tag says Fynn, but I think he needs a German name, don’t you? Any suggestions?

I had a birthday, and shared it with about 140 or so new friends!

This was in Bamberg. I wanted a photo of the guys in front, but pretended to shoot the monument.

Nuremberg. What can I say? This was one of the most sobering places I’ve ever been. That’s Hitler’s rally grounds, never completed. What he was planning to build there would have been terrifying.

That’s of course the courtroom where the Nuremberg trials were held.

On a cheerier note, sunrise off our “balcony”.

ABC. This one is in Regensburg, or RRRRrrrrrrreghghensburgggg, as Jan, our cruise director pronounces it. This has probably been one of my favorite of the cities we’ve seen so far. This may have had something to do with it.

John continues to be amazed at my ability to find yarn. I was like one of those people who won a contest and could take home everything I could pick up in five minutesl

Do you want to see a closeup of what I found? I thought so. Here’s Sweetpea and not-Fynn to show you.

Doesn’t Sweetpea look happy? She might have found her true love. I should ask her, she probably knows his name.

Next up was Salzburg. It was a lovely city, and I could show you lots of photos of castles, old buildings, and churches. Here’s a different one:

That’s a bridge in the city over the river Inn, which runs into the Danube. The tradition in the city is for lovers to pledge their commitment to each other by placing a lock on the bridge with their names or initials on it. I asked the guide if they have to take it away if things don’t work out, which sounded like a reasonable question to me. She didn’t have an answer.

Last, but not least, finished socks! I’m not doing the whole “Finished Project” thing. I started these eons ago (February 29th, according to Ravelry). The yarn is Unique Sheep Tinsel Toes, color Primary Ink, same old pattern, size 2 mm Ivore needles.

It’s cocktail hour, so I need to go find a glass of wine. We’re finally on the beautiful Danube river, we head to Vienna tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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  1. Thanks for all the pics! Looks like an awesome trip. And Happy belated birthday….you should have birthday greetings waiting when you return. I think we (the 6 of us) should do a special dinner or side trip together next summer to celebrate all our birthdays. Then we can forget bday presents, and just do cards.

  2. Thanks for the great pics and commentary! Enjoyed all and good luck naming Sweet Pea’s new friend.

  3. Well, Fritz is one of my favorite German boy names. I have wanted to name someone Fritz ever since I reald Swiss Family Robinson about 100 years ago. That makes me think! I should read it again.

    The ABC’s are beautiful, and I am enjoying visiting them with you!

  4. Toby (short for Tobias), assuming you bought him in the shop in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

    Your photos brought back so many good memories. Even of Nuremberg, the last place we were stationed. They have a wonderful toy museum!

  5. What great pics and happy belated birthday! I like Carl, Ivan, and Rolf are the names I thought of. I’m glad Sweet pea has a new friend. You do seem to have great luck with finding yarn shops.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday wishes! Thanks for the ABC tour, and all the wonderful pictures. Sweet Pea looks very happy to have a new friend, and I think Fritz would be a wonderful name for him-short and sweet.

    Boy, can you sniff out yarn shops. I’m sure John must realize by now that you have a very special gift that way. Great haul you made in 5 min., too!!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

  7. Just love traveling with you! German name for the bear??? How about Helmuth (Helmut). It means ‘protector’ and ‘courage’ … the typical role of a child’s teddy bear… to cuddle and give courage and sense of security.

  8. Great pics. Love the bear & yarn. The yarn for your socks resulted in great swirls of colors that I’d probably not consider if I saw the yarn in a skein. But they look great together knit up. Happy Birthday! That looks like my kind of birthday cake – mostly who cream. You seem to be having a great time!

  9. Belated Happy Birthday. I could look at and explore ABCs all day. Looks like a grand vacation.