Ah, Summer!

I finished the front of Audrey this week, and am madly at work on the first sleeve.  Here are pictures to prove it:


That’s the sleeve.  It took me a while to wrap my brain around the directions to do the sleeve increases while maintaining the rib pattern.  Basically the pattern just says to do this, not HOW to do this.  One would think that this would not be difficult, but it took me a bit to figure this out.  I’ve never done increases with a rib pattern before; so far it looks like it is working.  The little pins are the way I mark my increases.  I start with a chain of pins for however many increases I need to do.  Every time I do an increase, I transfer one of the pins to mark it.  When the pins are gone, I’ve done all the increases that the pattern calls for.


That’s the front and back.

We went to a Rainiers’ game this week again.  This time I remembered the camera, unfortunately BOTH batteries were dead.  I did manage to get a couple of pictures before the second one died altogether.

Here is a terrible picture of me knitting.  John mostly didn’t get the knitting in the photo.  He did however manage to get a dozen of the thousands of small screaming children that were there from summer camp programs.  Total attendance at the game was about 6000; I’m pretty sure that most of them were under 10.  6000 10-year olds sounds more like 30,000.

Here’s an action shot:


And the mascot, Rhubarb:


The home team won, it was a beautiful sunny day, and I had my knitting along.  What could be better?  We have tickets for tonight’s game also, there is a big fireworks display after the game.  Ah, summer!


Ah, Summer! — 4 Comments

  1. Your Audrey looks wonderful! I love the color and think it’s going to look great on you!
    Believe me, any number of 10-year olds that’s greater than one can EASILY sound like 30,000!

  2. Your Audrey looks great. What color is that? It’s very pretty. I was wondering if you could tell me the width in inches of your sleeve at the cast on edge (without stretching it). So you had to go to a size 9 needle? That really surprises me since you are a loose knitter. Well all I know is she looks lovely! 🙂