Ahhhh, Lace!

But first, the Lucy report.  She seems to be fine.  I’m thinking she got into something outside and ate something she shouldn’t have.  There are such a host of plants and chemicals that can make pets sick.  We quit using slug bait because it can be so toxic to pets, and dogs especially love to eat it.  That doesn’t guarantee that the next door neighbor isn’t using something like this in their yard.
At any rate she is back to her usual self.  I was going to say “normal” self, but just exactly what is “normal” when you are referring to a cat?  It took me about half an hour this morning to get a remotely decent picture of her.


“No, I said no pictures!”

Finally I got a decent shot:


“Aren’t I the prettiest cat you’ve ever seen?”

Riley said, “Not to worry.  I eat stuff all the time; she’ll get over it.”


And now, the knitting report.  I made a little progress on the Waffle Socks.   For those of you that are not keeping up, I am finished with the first of this pair.  I finished the heel flap and turned the heel last night.  I love turning heels; it just seems like magic to me to take flat knitting and make a curved surface out of it.  If any of you have heels you want me to turn, send them this way. (I like grafting toes too;  I know, it’s a sickness.) I also got the gusset stitches picked up and am ready to rock on the foot.


Sorry that’s a little fuzzy; damn sock must have moved while I was taking the picture.

Last but not least, the lace neck piece for the Audrey sweater.  This is just so addictive!  The pattern looks like it might be complicated, but it is really easy to knit.


I started out using a lifeline with every pattern repeat.  I might quit doing this, as it is easier than I thought it would be to keep track.  For the record, I left them all in so you could see.  Click on the picture to make it bigger so you can see them.  I am using dental floss for this; at the end of each 12 row repeat, I just thread a length of floss through the stitches on the needles.  If I screw up badly, I just rip back to the flossed row and put it on the needle, and I have a starting place where I know exactly what row I am on.  OK, maybe I won’t quit doing this.  It does seem like tempting fate.

So now when my dental hygienist asks if I’m flossing, I can answer truthfully, “YES!”.

By the way, Lucy says “Thanks!” for all the get-well wishes.  MEOW!

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Ahhhh, Lace! — 5 Comments

  1. The close up picture really shows how beautiful that yarn is. And, what a great idea to use dental floss as a lifeline.
    Glad the kitty is OK!

  2. Your so right about the lace. It is much easier than you think it’s going to be. And oh soooo beautiful. I love the pink. I’m really looking forward to seeing Audrey done! 🙂

  3. OHMYGOD, is it just me, or does Lucy look EXACTLY like the Cowardly Lion in that photo!? Hey, I love that lifeline idea. It’s the first time I’ve heard of it, and I’m going to catalog it in my brain somewhere. Sorry I put that tune in your head. I’m actually not forgiving myself for it, either!!!

  4. I have a big orange kitty too–his name is Rusty, and they really look similar! 🙂 I am glad that she is feeling better!
    I love the lace on Audrey! Cannot wait to see it all finished up!