Airport Knitting

Waiting for a plane…


At last check, temperature at home is 49 degrees. It’s 75 here. I really don’t want to leave, but all this sun is starting to get to me. I guess we’re used to that grey and drizzle at home.

See you on the flip side.

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My name is Lorette. I learned to knit in 1999, and took up spinning in 2009. I'm a physician specializing in internal medicine, and live in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy my blog!


Airport Knitting — 6 Comments

  1. Both temperatures sound great to me! Here in north Iowa it was -14 this morning with wind chills about -35! Brr! Glad you had such a great trip, its always nice to get home though! 🙂

  2. Yup. It’s grey here (I’m in Portland). It’s likely to be sunny tomorrow though and nice (relatively speaking) this weekend. Love your Hawaii pics. We have gone twice to the Big Island and just loved it.

  3. I’d be happy with 49 here! It’s 22 with a windchill of 5 & that’s warmer than a lot of other places – like Wisconsin.