Ama Dolce!

We’re already more than half way through our two week river cruise on the Ama Dolce, so I thought I should post some photos!

We have a pretty slow internet connection on the ship, so I’ll just post a short bit of the trip for now. We started in Amsterdam, of course, boarding our river boat last week. Our first full day on the ship we cruised the canals leaving the city, on our way to Dusseldorf.   Here are a few photos of the first day on the ship.


One of the many locks we’ve gone through:

After disembarking there the next morning, we took a bus to tour the Floriade 2012 Horticultural Expo. I’m not much of a gardener, and expected this to be more of a boring flower show, but it was absolutely fabulous! Here are some photos:

There were three of these creatures walking through the expo at the entrance. They were marvelous, and made me just laugh out loud.


The Willowman’s building projects:

A fire breathing dragon:

Very big wellies:

Back on board for some knitting:

And of course, the requisite towel art, by our cabin attendant, Jack.

Next up is Cologne, but my internet is about to give out on me, since we mostly only have a connection while we’re docked in port. I’ll leave that to next time!


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Ama Dolce! — 5 Comments

  1. I would probably not be ecstatic about a horticultural show either, but that one looks amazing! I particularly like the giant’s head peeping out of the earth.

    Be sure your little travellng companion doesn’t get into the laundry this time. That was a close call.

  2. Thanks for sharing the great photos so far of your trip! I’m living vicariously through you on this voyage-enjoy!!