Amaranth Socks

As promised last time, I have a finished project to show you. Here are the mismatched, not-quite identical Amaranth socks.

If they look a little dilapidated, it’s because I couldn’t wait to wear them before I took photos!

Project Details:

Pattern: My own generic sock pattern. I started these with 64 stitches around, which was too small, then ripped and started over with 72 on the second go around, for some reason that escapes me. I had knit to the heel before I decided that they were too big. I was not about to rip them out again, so just decreased a bit extra in the gussets and ended up with 68 stitches for the foot. For the record, 68 stitches with this yarn is perfect.

Yarn: Madeline Tosh sock yarn, in Amaranth. This is just lovely yarn, in lovely colors. It’s 100% superwash merino wool. It has a very nice “hand” once it’s made up.

Needles: Size 2.25 mm Pony Pearls. Yes, I’m still old-fashioned and use dpns for socks. I could have gone down a needle size with this yarn and still had an acceptable fabric, but this was OK.

Started: November 2007. Really. I’m not that slow of a sock knitter, I just keep getting sidetracked.

Finished: Last week.

For: Me

Modifications: I’ll ask it again, how do you define “modify” when it’s your own jerry-rigged pattern? This one has 2 by 2 ribbing, and a standard heel flap and gusset. Nothing fancy.

What I learned: I’m still a plain-sock girl. And yarn can do weird things when you’re not looking. This yarn came in a single hank, and I don’t think there were any knots. The two socks are knit the same, with the same needles, and the gauge is the same. But look at them. They are just doing that not-matching thing to try to bug me.

And I’m already a good ways into the next sock. Remember that Three Irish Girls yarn I talked about several posts back? Some of the stuff I broke the yarn fast for? It came, I wound, I knitted. It is just indescribably lovely. I want this in every color.

This is their Adorn Sock Yarn, the  color is Eire, and I’m knitting them on my latest needle purchase, the Knit Picks Harmony dpns. These are very nice, and much less expensive than comparable wooden double points. I have a set of Lantern Moons, but I’m mostly afraid to use them for fear of breakage. This yarn is just so squooshy soft and wonderful that it almost knits itself!

I also have another gadget that I got a while ago, but haven’t posted a photo. This is a handmade tin needle protector, which might make me a little less fearful of using those nice needles. Just slip it over your needles with the sock in progress, put the cap on, and toss it in your bag!

Here’s where I got mine, though the home page of the online order site says it’s not working. There’s a contact email on that page, just email Jen and she’ll set you up.

And just to prove that I’m still working on that alpaca silk lace shawl, here’s a photo.

Even though it might not look much different than before, here’s a photo that proves it is indeed bigger.

That used to be 100 grams of yarn, I’m down to 61.6 grams. And I now have around 300 stitches on the needle.

I really need to call this one something better than “that alpaca silk lace shawl”. It’s getting made up using Evelyn Clark’s Knitting Lace Triangles book. I’m going to do a few more repeats of the vaguely flower-like motif, then add a ripple border, then a pointy edging. I know, it all sounds quite technical, doesn’t it? Any ideas for a clever shawl name?

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Amaranth Socks — 20 Comments

  1. What a cool gadget! you always find the most wonderful things 🙂 Pretty blue/green socks. No comment on the pink/blue ones. Love the shawl! what stitch pattern are you using?

  2. That Eire yarn is beautiful! I’ve been knitting my last few pairs of socks on the Harmony DPNs, and love them. I knit very tight and tend to split and splinter the ends of DPNs, but not these so far – they are very hard wood.

  3. I don’t know about naming the shawl, but I have to ask: is that a picot edging on the Eire sock? I love the way that looks. It’s so neat. Unfortunately I don’t like KNITTING a picot edge. It figures.
    I adore that Eire colorway and the sock is just so neat looking. The shawl is coming along lovely. So clean and elegant. I can’t wait to see it blocked! Making a shawl from the same book, I understand the ‘technical’. hee..

  4. I actually like the socks, mainly because they would definitely “bother” some of the people I work with, since they are not exactly the same. Which means I would try to wear them as often as possible … 😉
    Cool gadget! Am I going to have to get one of these, too?????

  5. I think socks lie in the knitting basket just thinking up ways to mess with your mind. It’s too early for them to get lost in the wash, so they have to have something to occupy them! Sneaky little devils. I love the new Irish Girls yarn. Very, very lovely. And the cute little holder. And the Knit Picks needles – I’m getting spoiled by them and if I don’t have the right Knit Picks needles, I’ll look for another project.

  6. Thanks for showing/talking about the DPN protectors. I have been wondering if those were really any good!
    Love the Irish yarn…now I want some myself! Drool!

  7. So many pretties to comment on! I’m with you on favoring the plain socks. I keep knitting all the others but when it is time to grab a pair from the drawer I go for the plain janes! And I keep getting sidetracked, too! I’m pretty good with staying focused on socks but other items……..well, let’s just say the WIP list is too long.
    Love the shawl!

  8. Those amaranth socks are SO MUCH FUN! I like the new socks you’re working on, too. I’m not sure I’ve ever knit anything that led to 300 stitches on the needles at once. Probably I need to get out more.

  9. I think those wild hot pink/purple socks are perfect for spring ! (and the non-matchy thing doesn’t get to me, I do fraternal socks very well)
    And I LOVE the Three Irish Girls sock yarn. That is incredibly yummy. Can’t wait to get some myself… so fun.
    The shawl flowers almost look like calla lilies in the photo that you have shown here.

  10. I love your fraternal twins socks…as well as the Eire ones.
    I don’t have a clue as to what to name your shawl. It sure is beautiful, though.

  11. The Eire sock is great–I love tiny stripes like that. And I think the fraternal twins socks will look just fine when you wear them. The color is gorgeous.
    That is a great DPN protector. I’ve liked knitting with DPNs so much it has kept me from trying Magic Loop or 2 circs, but I think I ought to get over that and give those methods a try.
    I’m not very creative with project names either–but how about “diamond in the rough”? [I haven’t googled this to see if here are thousands of other shawls with that name.]

  12. You’ve been busy! My favourite is the bluey/green yarn. You’ve reminded me I have to order that scale. My kitchen scale doesn’t go below a gram, sometimes it seems that it only measures in 2 gram increments and we know that can make a huge difference in lace knitting.