A Holland Haul!

We’ve been having a terrific time in Amsterdam. We arrived Tuesday morning, and have been busy touring the city and nearby countryside for the past several days. We have friends in Manchester that met us here, and we had a jam-packed week trying to see everything there is to see in such a short time. Tomorrow we board the cruise ship for the river trip, but it already feels like we’ve had a great vacation! Here are some highlights:

Canal tour:

Where Rembrandt slept (actually where the servant girl slept, but Rembrandt’s house!):

Butterflies at the Botanical Garden:

Friends eating and drinking:

Tulip Museum:

Cheese Museum:

Oh look! A yarn shop! What a surprise!*


A very creepy and crabby cherub:


Ceiling at the Maritime Museum:

Pirate ship at the same museum. It’s really not a pirate ship, but looked like one to me.

Knitting on the bus to Edam for a day tour out of the city:

Cheese shop at Edam:

More church photos, this time Edam:

“Wild” life of sorts. This was somebody’s back yard.

I wanted to barricade myself in this shop and never leave.

More wildlife. I took this as a good sign; where there are sheep, there must be wool.

More you-know-what:

Seashore at Marken village:

Another yarn shop:

And again:

The last yarn shop was Penelope’s. The owner has a bicycle in the front window with a knitted cover. If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, you know how popular bikes are here:

Here’s the knitted version:

And here is the Holland Haul:

A better picture of the little snips I found:

And a better photo of that silk/wool blend:

Tomorrow we board the boat, though we don’t set sail until Monday evening, so you may see more Amsterdam photos!

*I’m pretty sure John has figured out that I don’t just “stumble in” to yarn shops without doing some research ahead of time. I think Humphrey was impressed though at my skill at sniffing them out. It’s the wool fumes, I suppose!


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Amsterdam! — 8 Comments

  1. What wonderful pictures! It looks like you are having a fabulous time. I am particularly drawn to that very imp-like cherub. He does not look at all angelic.

  2. I love the pirate ship! Did you find Jack Sparrow anywhere?
    Who would have thought there would be a tulip museum! When Brian and I lived in Buffalo tulips grew right up through the snow in the early spring. It was the coolest thing ever! And we figured if tulips can conquer the winter and make it through, so could we! From then on we have a special place in our hearts for tulips.

    Have fun! Where do you sail next?

  3. I am stealing your “sniffing out the wool fumes” story for the muggles. They are so easily impressed, and it is such a source of amusement for me.

    Glad you are having fun!

  4. Great photos! Looks like a fun trip. That is one scary looking cherub – face looks more like a gargoyle! Love the jewel toned yarns, especially the cobalt blue one, what fiber are they? Looks like silk maybe? Gorgeous at any rate. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  5. Super photos! Love your yarn haul, especially the jewel toned yarns, and the knitted bicycle cover. Oh, cheese, churches and local scenery-thanks for sharing them all with us. Have a great time on the river cruise-you lucky gal!!