And Another New Project

There really isn’t any limit, is there? Knitters seem to fall into two camps, those who have numerous things going at once, and those that just work on a few things at a time. I know knitters who have thirty or forty projects going at once, and I know a very few that only do one at a time, finishing it before starting something new. There are even a few rare ones who only BUY YARN for one project at a time. What’s up with that? What if you finished and the stores were closed? That’s the stuff of nightmares right there.

I sort of fall in between. I like to have a simple sock going, maybe a sweater, a lace project, and at least one simple thing that’s not a sock. But I’m not opposed to having more than one of each of those categories if I’m getting bored.

Here’s the new thing. This is in the category of “simple but not a sock”.

It’s another Hitchhiker, one of the most popular patterns out there. There are nearly 30,000 projects listed for this on Ravelry. The yarn is from deep stash, a skein of Wollmeise Pure that I bought before Wollmeise was as popular as it is now. The yardage with these skeins is huge, 525 meters, so it’s great for a little “shawlette”.

And yes, I should be working on that CME and not starting new knitting projects. I can only answer so many multiple choice questions before I’m ready to stab myself to death with my knitting needles.



And Another New Project — 5 Comments

  1. I feel you had to get it out of the way and then be able to do your work. Love the color! You forgot one category of knitters…the one that have so many projects and don’t finish any of them! *sigh* Call it the Virtual Knitter..knitter through watching everyone else knit! 😉

  2. As I am battling a wicked case of startitis myself these days, I say, cast on! All the things!

    I have to know, are those tortoiseshell needles? What material?

  3. I have some of those needles. They look like tortoiseshell, but are made from milk protein. Don’t put them in our mouth. Formaldehyde is part of their process and that’s what they taste like. Bought them in a yarn shop in Windsor, Ontario. Julie in San Diego

  4. Would like to know more about those adorable knitting needles that appear in this article.. you are using with the wollmeise yarn. Thank you