And Here We Go Again

Approximately 300 rows ripped. Ready to re-knit! Sometimes there’s just nothing to do for it but just do it.


And Here We Go Again — 19 Comments

  1. Lorette
    The problem is with that pattern is it’s deceptively easy, so we get sloppy. Mine has been in time out forever and I need to tink it when I rescue it from the corner.

  2. I hate to jump in with a too-late suggestion, but did you weigh your skein before you started? I weighed mine and was conservative on when I started the decreases so my scarf came out a little bit shorter than I wished, but I still had some yarn left over, which satisfied my need for a knitterly security blanket. Anyway, the process of knitting these scarves is so fun, you get to have more knitting time now!

  3. You should have put it on the ball winder and ripped away. That definitely calls for a martini!

  4. YIKES! You are a woman of fortitude! Those things are awfully upsetting, but it does just mean more of a fun thing. I had to redo practically every inch of each section of the sweater I just (almost) finished. But one feels so virtuous when done.

  5. 300 rows ripped…I think I need a bloody mary now….I certainly can’t wait to see this FO now! Good luck this go round!

  6. Even if it’s necessary (& it happens to all of us – more often than we’d like), it’s still kinda depressing.

  7. Oh I feel for you. I’m doing a test pattern for a designer. There are 32 rows (it is a lace pattern), I finished the 1st 32 rows then I was up to row 20 and realized I had lost 6 sts. I ripped it all the back and have restarted again. But I did go make myself a “brandy manhatten” and boy did that help…..

  8. When something like that happens to me, I just think of how “happy” I’ll be when the problem is corrected. It is pretty yarn, and a really nice pattern.

  9. that is such a beautiful color blue! I don’t know what the heck you are talking about with all that knitting mumbo jumbo, but I think you are awesome! I can’t knit my way out of a paper bag.

    Miss you! Donna