And The Fun Begins…

…As EZ says in her book, Knitting Workshop. As you all may recall, I’m knitting a not-Cobblestone sweater, and have been for months now. I did the body as written up to the underarms, then tossed out the pattern. For the rest of it I’m using EZ’s directions in the above-mentioned book, though I plan on modifying the neck shaping when I get there, using Jacqueline Fee’s Sweater Workshop. I finally finished the body and sleeves.

I now have the whole thing knitted together, with about 2 inches done on the yoke.

I’m enjoying the challenge of knitting a sweater in the round, but I’m not sure I’d do this often. The whole thing is pretty unwieldy once it’s knitted together, and makes it entirely a non-portable project at this point. The only advantage that I can see is not having to sew things together at the end, but I really don’t mind sewing knitting together. (Don’t send me all your sewing to do for you!)

John’s sister Ena is here visiting for the week, and we’ve been cooking up a storm. Here’s part of last night’s dinner. We had fresh steelhead salmon from the market, grilled, along with braised kale and risotto. The risotto was made using fresh chanterelle mushrooms we found at the farmers market, and was delicious. Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos of the whole meal on the plate, but here’s the in-progress shots of the risotto:

Yes, it was yummy. I’m off to enjoy the sunshine!


And The Fun Begins… — 10 Comments

  1. Yum, I can almost smell that risotto. The chanterelles are prolific this year – I went hiking up in Alpine Lakes region two weekends ago and came back with NINE pounds of chanterelles. I gave a lot away but the rest either got dried, or made into mushroom stroganoff that’s now in the freezer. Great time of year here in the PNW.

  2. You didn’t invite me for dinner?! Waaaaah! 😉 I love knitting “one-piece” sweaters – but I have to admit that I like top-down a lot better. For some reason it seems less unwieldy.

  3. I agree that the color of the not Cobblestone is gorgeous – even Lewey thinks so! And as EZ says – you ARE the boss of your own knitting!

  4. I can so smell the risotto! I love the sweater, but what is the yarn? And I love Lewey looking so sweet in the picture….

  5. Cobblestone looks great. I’ve been thinking about putting that pattern in my queue but I can’t decide if I’d rather knit if for me or knit if for Dana. I’m actually considering knitting it in a color, size, etc that might work for either of us. 🙂

  6. The sweater looks beautiful–and I adore the color.
    I find sweaters knitted in the round to be more trouble than seams, but for most people it is the opposite. I suppose I’ll have to try again, after a less-than-successful attempt to knit my son one years ago using EZ’s percentage system.