At Least I Can Knit

I woke up early yesterday feeling yucky. I hate calling in sick, so I sucked it up, got ready and went in. It should have been a sign that the cup of tea I made before I got in the shower almost made me gag. Anyway, I made it through the morning, canceled my afternoon and came home. I'm out again today, let's just say that nobody in my office would want me there spreading this to everyone else. It just pisses me off that I get this stuff, since I'm sort of a pathological hand-washer, especially at work.

I haven't been accomplishing much besides zoning out, but today I was able to pick up the knitting. I didn't work on my Rogue sweater all summer because, well, heavy wool and summer heat. But now that it is cool outside I want it done done done so I can wear it this winter.

That's where I am right now. I've finished the back, and the front up to the v-neck split. I few months away from this almost made me forget how much I love Peace Fleece, and how much I love this pattern.

This is the left front, I just finished separating the two sides.

And here is that gorgeous cable up the sides.

The pattern is Rogue, the yarn is Peace Fleece worsted weight in the color Amaranth. They have this back on their website for sale, and it is on sale, if you need some. The color is really much deeper than my photos show. Anytime I take a picture of this it either turns out pink or bright red. It's more of a deep garnet red. Here is the photo from their website.

At least on my ipad, that is much more accurate.

I'm off to try more tea and toast. Sigh.



At Least I Can Knit — 9 Comments

  1. And remember back in the ancient days when illness was no excuse? Now I shudder to think of how many more patients we created. But then, I grew up in the era of Chicken Pox Parties

  2. Your sweater is absolutely gorgeous! And I love the yarn colour in all the photos. A fashionable friend told me a while ago that red was a neutral and I took her advice for a shawl I knit and you know what? I wear that shawl all the time. It goes with everything.
    I hope you’re feeling much better.

  3. I had forgotten how much I loved this sweater. In fact, I made it twice and still have one of them! This pink/red one looks lovely. Feel better.

  4. Love the pattern and the look of the yarn. Yes, thank goodness you can still knit while you’re getting over the “plague” feeling.

  5. Hope you’re feeling better. Looks like you’ll be done with Rogue soon. I think I still have that pattern in storage, remembering it to be quite thick, many many pages.