Autumn Is Coming

It doesn’t feel like it just yet, at least not in the daytime, but we’ve had to get the lightweight down comforter back on the bed for nighttime. It’s supposed to get down into the 40’s at night later this week. (That would be between 5-10 C for everybody else in the world.)

Here’s a photo to prove that autumn is on the way. I found this in a pile with its relatives at the farmers’ market yesterday.


Hell, the corn isn’t even ready in full force around here yet.

Here’s another reminder that autumn is on the way. In some countries, it’s already hit. Lene has finished her latest knee socks, and they are a lovely fall shade to match the lovely fall foliage. Check out her post from yesterday for pictures. I have this indescribable urge to knit knee socks all of a sudden.

I did find a website with a tutorial on making knee socks, and getting them to fit. Check out HJS Studio if you are so inclined. So, how many yards of sock yarn would it take to make knee socks? Any guesses?

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Autumn Is Coming — 18 Comments

  1. Speaking of blog vacation, I’ve been on a comments vacation! Love your bluegrass fest. pics-I look forward to them yearly! (thanks for the posting the hubby didn’t know!) That volcano pic is awesome! Glad your little bug is going in the right direction…(I’m about at 4, too) seems too slow! but just think of how much BUTTER that is! Oh, before I forget…love the beautiful patio (before and after)..

  2. I loved the vacation post—isn’t Mt St Helens spectacular?? The deck looks wonderful by the way.
    Fall is my favorite season, I just love watching the colors change. If you haven’t done the drive to Leavenworth (HWY 2) in the fall, do it this year 🙂

  3. It was 80 degrees here at 9:45 this morning, so I’m not thinking fall yet. But the dogwoods have started to have a little red tinge to their leaves – a sure sign that fall, and hopefully cooler temperatures – can’t be too far away. But we won’t see 40’s until at least December, I think!

  4. this is totally embarassing, but I have to ask – have you ever posted at the forums at

  5. We just changed our bedding to the heavier stuff, too. It just seems to happen so fast these days – but at least we have cozy winter knitting ahead! Have you planned a sleek new sweater for your sleek new look?

  6. Thanks for the Fall photos, my fav season & most missed here in FL. Kind of what our winters feel like, but without the colors. Green green green all year round. Check out Cara’s site, she’s working on knee highs right now. Januaryone dot com I believe she noted yarn requirements and source for pattern. Enjoy!

  7. I just happened across another knee high.
    Don’t tell my boss…Designsbyblackdog dot blogspot dot com. Her July 1st post lists how much yarn she used. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  8. Thank goodness for fall. Otherwise some of us would never survive.
    How much yarn is an interesting question. I would guess 1.8x. Depends on how long you usually make your socks (I’m a long person at 7″) and how long your foot is (long again here) and what your tibia length is.

  9. I know how you feel. Grumperina has me itching to knit knee socks too – fair isle ones at that! Must resist. TOO Many WIPS!

  10. It’s going to be 85 all weekend here in Ohio with thunderstorms, but I have trees in my front yard that are starting to lose leaves.
    That, and high school football starts tonight, which is the biggest sign of fall around these parts!

  11. Yep, I hear you! I found two golden aspen leaves on the road this morning when I was walking. I looked up and was surprised to find that a few of the trees were already starting to turn gold!

  12. I’m with you on the knee socks thing! I think it’s from seeing so many cute ones in the blogosphere lately – these things (and the urge to make them myself) seem to spread like wildfire. I’m trying to figure out if knit (=thick) knee socks would be too unflattering on my already-quite-muscular-thus-not-overly-thin calves…

  13. Well,… we’re gearing up for Spring/Summer down here (Sydney, Australia)! I’ve packed the winter knitting away and am swatching cottons and silks!

  14. Yes, I also sniff fall in the air. I just returned from my week in Seattle–hot sun during the day and CHILL during the night!! Great sleeping weather. And, great yarn buying weather. I went to Hilltop yarns and Weaving Works. I filled every empty inch of my suitcases. sorry I missed you during this trip to the Seattle area–next time!!