Baby Helen, and Baby Zoe

It’s a real finished project! One of my coworkers had her baby very early a couple of weeks ago, at 25 weeks. (Baby Helen and mama are both doing OK.) I didn’t have anything hand knit ready for her, but fortunately preemie baby sweaters don’t take long to knit.


Project Details:

Pattern: Design D Cardigan; that’s a really catchy name

Yarn:Dale Baby Ull in hot pink

Needles: 3.25 mm (2.75 for the edging)

Started: 12/23/15

Finished: 12/27/15

For: Baby Helen

Modifications: The neckband as written in the pattern is just plain fidgety. It calls for casting on a few extra stitches along the front bands, knitting a long strip to reach the center back, repeat on the other side, then sew it down and graft together. For a freaking baby sweater that might get worn a handful of times before she grows out of it, that seems like major overkill. I just finished the neck decreases, changed to the smaller needles, did a few rows of garter stitch to match the bottom edge, then did a yarn over /knit 2 together eyelet row, knit another row, then bound off.

What I Learned:: Baby sweaters don’t take long, especially in preemie sizes. This pattern was a mess. It worked, but the instructions for the raglan decreases were written out in a fashion that made them nearly incomprehensible.

I just realized while doing this that I never did a finished project post for John’s Toboggan hat. I will remedy that soon.

In other news, I finally splurged and bought myself a late Christmas present of a really nice wooden swift and ball winder. The rickety plastic ones that I have are just not a lot of fun to use, especially for finer yarns. I’ve had to rewind more balls of yarn by hand to fix total screwups than I can count. Here they are.


I bought them both on Amazon. The winder is the Heavy Duty Ball Winder by Nancy’s Knitknacks, the swift is a large size Swedish Glimakra. They are lovely. And it inspired me to clear off this wooden shelf to make room for them.

Last but certainly not least, we are 99.9% certain of bringing home a new family member. Those of you who follow me on Facebook have already heard this story. Last Saturday evening we had a knock on our door. Our neighbors had a black kitty show up at their door, they thought it was Willie and brought him down to our house. It wasn’t Will, but a little lost girl kitty. Nobody in our neighborhood has a black cat (except us), so we kept her over the weekend. Monday we took her in to our vet clinic where they checked her over and found she was microchipped. They contacted the owners, who apparently live a few miles from here. They didn’t sound very enthusiastic, but promised to pick her up and take her home on Monday.

Of course by this time we’d fallen totally in love with her. She is adorable, very silky fur, about 8 months old, and as sweet as she can be.


Five days later, today, and three phone calls from our vet to the so-called owners, and they still haven’t come to get her, and are not answering calls. The vet has to keep her and give them ten days to claim her, though it’s almost certain at this point that they have no interest. We strongly suspect that she was dumped in our driveway. It was a very cold night, and she hadn’t been outside for very long when she came to us. I just wish they would step up and say they don’t want her so we can bring her home. Though everybody at our vet clinic has fallen in love with her as well, she is getting a lot of love there too.

Here are a few more photos from today, we went to the vet to see her.



Her new name is Zoe! In 5 more days we will be her people!


Baby Helen, and Baby Zoe — 12 Comments

  1. We lost our beloved 20-year-old cat at Christmas and find it impossible to fathom why someone would abandon a cat (or any animal) in the cold. Zoe looks beautiful and I hope that you get to take her home in 5 days.
    I also love the baby sweater. The modifications seem perfect not just for a baby sweater but almost any sweater. I’m sure Baby Helen will look just lovely in it.

  2. Zoe looks like a real sweetie! God bless you for taking her in and giving her a forever home. I hope the good Lord will provide appropriate punishment to the a**holes who dumped her. (Sorry….but nothing makes me angrier than cruelty to animals.) Have a great week-end, Lorette…..never miss your blog!

  3. Zoe looks just like my black cat, am-Brr, who died about 15 years ago…same glossy black fur and bright yellow eyes. I miss my first girl. Hope the next few days fly by and Zoe gets to go home with you! I also love your new toys…I have rickety plastic ones and maybe it’s time to treat myself too…

  4. People are crazy sometimes–who would abandon a microchipped cat? It’s not like that won’t track back to you, that’s kind of the point! Hopefully you get to keep her and show her what she’s been missing.

    I have a wooden swift but my ball-winder is plastic. So far it’s worked okay, but yours looks so nice, I’ll have to keep it in mind for a future splurge.

    Cute sweater! Shame about the pattern, but I’m glad you were able to get around the problems.

  5. Oh, she’s adorable! Is she yours now? Lucky cat!

    I see it’s time to upgrade my ball winder. Your new one sure looks like it will stand the test of time!

  6. Poor kitty being abandoned, but in the end she’ll be lucky with you adopting her. People sure stink sometimes.