Baby Sweaters


Why I'm Such A Slow Knitter

I'm still knitting those baby sweaters. I've finished the first one, and just have sleeves and a hood to finish for the second one.

You wouldn't think that two worsted weight garter stitch baby sweaters would take this long to make.

I've been having some upper back problems for the past couple of months that are really getting on my last nerve. I don't make a very good patient, since I'm not very “patient” with not feeling well. It finally got bad enough that I started getting regular massages, which are helping, but it's been a slow recovery. My massage therapist isn't one of those that gives you a feel-good spa massage. It's deep tissue/muscle work, and I'm wiped out for a whole day afterwards. It is releasing the knotted (knitted?) up muscles though. I haven't been able to be on my Peloton bike as often as I'd like either since it hurts. You have no idea how much THAT pisses me off.

I've been trying to be careful with how long I sit hunched over my knitting, so that's my excuse for how long these sweaters are taking to finish.

Also, for those of you doubters out there, I made it to 90 days without yarn shopping a week ago. It's actually been a little easier this time around. It helps that I dropped my work hours from 0.8 FTE to 0.6 FTE the first of the year. That obviously* correlates to a 20% salary drop, so I do have an incentive to shop from my very deep stash instead of the internet.

And in other news, I get to have dinner tonight with Jennifer AKA Major Knitter! She is flying in later today, and we're picking her up and heading up to Seattle for dinner. We're both planning on wearing our Faery Ring sweaters!

*That first paycheck after cutting back my hours was a bit of a reality check!



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  1. Please tell Jennifer that I am missing updated blog posts! And please get a photo of the both of you in your sweaters!