Bad-Ass Knitter

There is a new button on the sidebar.  Check out Wendy’s Bad-Ass Knitter Manifesto here.

And my Bad-Ass Knitter award for today goes to Norma.

Rule 11.

Never keep knitting something you hate.

Four Easy Pieces:



I see seaming in my future.  Actually, near-future; this is on the agenda for today.  I think I need a good movie to watch.


Bad-Ass Knitter — 2 Comments

  1. WaHOOOO! I finally won something!!! Heeheehee (not to mention I’ve won my freedom from Audrey!!) Oh, I gotta get in on this Bad-Ass Knitter thing. Too cute. Props to Wendy!

  2. Oh that sweater is gonna be gorgeous! Love that color blue….your North Dakota small town reunion post made me laugh out loud…I too live in a place where pickup trucks stop in the middle of the road to say howdy…but it doesn’t have WINTERS like North Dakota! It cheers me tremendously that a house that has been unoccupied (and therefore UNCLEANED) is still standing. You made my day!