Because I Can


Let’s call it New Project Saturday, shall we?

That is well aged yarn. It is Old Maiden Aunt, a lace blend of alpaca, silk, and cashmere. Who knows when I bought this, the date on the photo in the database is from 2012, but the dye lot on the ball label is 2009. Knitting from stash, what a concept.

The color name is Whisky Galore, which is no doubt why I bought it, but it really is just the loveliest shade of Scotch whisky.

And what might I be making with this?

How about this?

hap4lo_medium hap3lo_small2

A Hap For Harriet, by Kate Davies. The pattern calls for Old Maiden Aunt lace weight, though one of the heavier lace yarns from that line. The Whisky yarn is a bit finer, and has the silk and cashmere so will be more drapey, but I think it will be a good match. I also have more yardage (1189 meters) than the pattern calls for, but Kate is nice enough to have instructions in the pattern as to how to up or downsize the shawl to fit your yardage.

I’m off to find needles  to match.


Because I Can — 7 Comments

  1. I was just looking at the same hap pattern this morning! But I have Juju’s Loops Brown-Eyed Susan and Color Affection on the needles, so don’t want to start another shawl yet. I want to start a cardigan soon and also finish a shawl for my daughter. Hope you blog about A Hap for Harriet. The yarn color is so mellow.

  2. I’m headed out on a business trip, so new project Saturday/Sunday works for me! There’s only 2/3 of a sock left on my current sock project so something else has to tag along. Off to rummage through the yarn stash….

    Looking forward to seeing A Hap for Harriet progress. The yarn is lovely.

  3. Congratulations on the length of time you’ve been blogging. And I love A Hap for Harriet! Will be watching with interest!

  4. That is going to be beautiful! I faved the pattern in case I want to use up some laceweight I have in the stash…