Because I Can

And, it’s Dorothy’s fault. Really. In her last post she mentioned she has an upcoming trip to San Francisco, and she asked about yarn shops. This reminded me of a trip from the past, and a yarn shop in SF, and some lovely stuff that’s been marinating in the stash.

Out it came, and here it is, started. There are no WIP Police in this neighborhood, and in honor of actually finishing something for once, I started a stole.

Click on that to see just how pretty that is. As you can see, it’s two separate yarns, the first is Houdini, a nylon ribbon, which they don’t seem to have on their website any longer. The second is Kyoto, a mohair silk blend. After I picked this out, I mentioned that I had no idea what I would do with it, and the shop owner sat down and sketched out a pattern right then and there. Fortunately I saved it and the needles in the bag with the yarn. It’s basically a rectangular stole, you knit two rows with the ribbon, then two rows with the mohair/silk. It starts with 3 stitches, increasing on each side every other row until it’s as wide as you want, then increase on one side and decrease on the other until it’s as long as you want, then decrease again on each side to narrow down to the other point. It’s totally different than anything else I’ve knit with. I have some of the ribbon in a deep red as well.

Here’s a photo of what I had for dessert last night.

It would seem like I’m on a gold-orange-brown cycle.

Happy Fat Tuesday to all! We’re having seafood gumbo for dinner tonight in honor of the day. I’ll get photos for next time!

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Because I Can — 5 Comments

  1. I fully accept responsibility! Anytime I can enable someone to cast on as many projects as I have, I call it a good day. Lewey seems to approve as well.

  2. We spent Mardi GRAS in southeast Louisiana (Baton Rouge) – not to celebrate mardi GRAS per se (we both take too many meds that are incompatible wit ETOH for that). But all Baton Rouge schools (& I suspect all La. Schools) are closed for that Monday & Tuesday. So we decided to take advantage of the brief holiday for a grandkids fix. Friday the preschool had a parade in the auditorium – many heavily decorated wagons with the kids taking turns riding in the “floats” & tossing beads (fortunately shouts of show me your boobies) & standingalong the route. I thought it was awfully brave of them to actually encourage 2-4 year olds to throw things but it went fairly smoothly. At the K-5 school, the Ks led a parade & threw beads & the neighborhood Krewe also had a parade past the schools which allege kids attended. The kids spent Fri thru Sun nights with us & there were piles of beads all over our suite. That yarn looks scrumptious. I’ve been finding myself attracted to green a lot lately – a color that I have never used before. I think it startedwhen I knit one of my grands socksfrom Alchemy’s Jupitor in a special colorway that wasdyedfor a sock club. It was themost incredibly vivid deep summer grass green with hints of blue & yellow – almost electric. And it most pleasant yarn to knit with. not sure why I don’t have much green in my stash. I do wear it – especially forest greens & sages in the winter.

  3. I have one WIP Officer that resides in the house….I am not amused. I am in love with this project….I cannot wait for updates, and yes, how is Lewey?