Better Get Out Those Sunglasses!


Project Update

Since I have one less thing on the needles by finishing those Arctic Monkeys, I started two new things. The first is a pair of plain socks. Here’s where you will need the sunglasses. This yarn is so bright, you don’t need a pattern stitch.

This is Tempted Good Grrl sock yarn, in the color Wicked Witch. Even that photo doesn’t do this stuff justice. I think it glows in the dark. I got mine here, and there’s still some left. This will just be a plain sock, that same old pattern.

By the way, I did have another sock on the needles back in September, that orange Trekking stuff. This was in a burst of excitement over knitting something besides plain socks. I got so sick of the pattern that I ripped them out, in a fit of pique. I’ll re-do the yarn eventually as a plain sock, but this skein just called to me when I opened the yarn box to find a new sock.

Next up is the second new project, Dog Mittens!

These are just the cutest things I’ve ever seen. They will be for my sweet dog-walking hubby. The pattern is by Jorid Linvik, and the Ravelry link is here. Here is her pattern shop. Of course, while I was shopping, I bought the Cat Mittens and the Talullah’s Heart Mittens too. The yarn is Rauma Finullgarn, purchased from Nordic Fiber Arts. It figures, I get excited by patterned mittens and have absolutely no yarn in those fourteen boxes that would work. That’s why the Stash Knit-Down counter moved.

Just as a warning, these are a little on the small side. As written, the pattern would probably fit a small woman’s hand. I’m going up a needle size, and they will be snug on him, but should still fit. (Did I just say that out loud?) I also put a little longer cuff on them. If you want to make these in a larger size, you could go up to a bit heavier yarn.

I have gotten a little done on True Blue, though I haven’t even looked at anything else since I got that mitten yarn. Here’s a photo. I’m not saying anything about whether it’s going to fit or not. At this point, I’m thinking that it would be easier to find a new man that the sweater would fit.*

The Peacock Shawl is still in the rotation, it’s just taken a back seat for awhile. Maybe I’ll show you a photo next time.

*Just kidding, dear. You know I wouldn’t trade you in!

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Better Get Out Those Sunglasses! — 16 Comments

  1. LOL about the new man comment! I’m sure I’ll be able to make out the dog mittens next time – my eyes were still bleeding from the witchy yarn. 😉

  2. You are having ENTIRELY too much fun over there! That’s it I want to have fun too! hmmm let’s see what trouble I can get into!! Trouble is ALWAYS fun! Off to the yarn closet Robin!

  3. Well, if you decide to get rid of John, let me know! I know a lot of women who would be standing in line for him. I think those mittens are just the cutest thing ever. I only wish they had a Corgi on them.

  4. OMG these mittens are the bestest I have ever seen so far. NEED to get that pattern!!! Though I see mine with little changes to get MY dogs on them

  5. I’m knitting the CAT mittens! I had to go up to a 2.75mm using fingering weight to fit my smallish-hands. What size needele are you using for your hubby’s hands?

  6. Those mittens are so cool! He’s getting new mittens *and* a new sweater!?! Boy, he must have been very good this year!

  7. OMG! I love the wicked witch socks!!!!! What would I need to do to get a pair of those bad boys?!?!?!?!?!

  8. Those socks you could wear at night, and if you stuck your legs out the window you wouldn’t have to turn on your headlights, but driving with your legs out the window might be a tad dangerous.
    Oh my goddness I love those mittens, I’m on my way to check out her patterns!