Big Grey

I finally finished something! After months of knitting, John’s Big Grey sweater is done, and he loves it. And it fits. Here’s a photo:

Project Specs:

Yarn: Peace Fleece worsted, color Negotiation Grey.
Pattern: Father/Son Pullover, from Peace Fleece
Needles: Knit Picks Options circulars, size 6&7
For: John, my sweetie pie
Started: September 2007
Finished: Yesterday
Modifications: None, really. Oh yeah, I picked up fewer stitches around the collar than the pattern recommended.
What I learned: I still like knitting plain stuff. Both of us tend to dress like the Lands End Poster Child, and our wardrobe is, um, rather plain. A plain grey sweater was just what the boy wanted, and it’s just what he got. This is one of the few sweater patterns I’ve seen that actually uses short row shaping for the shoulders, so you don’t have to convert it yourself. The neckline also uses short rows, and instead of binding off the neck and then picking up stitches for the collar, it leaves them live. It’s a well-written pattern, with no glitches that I discovered.

Now, I just need to get it away from him so I can do a little post-sewing blocking.

Here are a couple of post-Hawaii photos to show you what we came back to last week.

Ick, ick, ick. The snow didn’t last long, but we had ice on the streets for several days, and the forecast is just rain and more rain. And I have had the cold from hell the past few days. I rarely get sick, but this one really knocked me out. I was pretty sure it was Ebola for a few days there.

And I have one more Hawaii photo to show you.

Sweet Pea liked Hawaii, too.


Big Grey — 33 Comments

  1. Glad you don’t have Ebola…sorry you’ve been feeling badly though.
    I’ve been a little puny myself. Started out with an allergy attack last Tues and am much better after antihistimines and decongestants, but yesterday and today – feeling much fatigued. Like my arms and shoulders feel week and it’s almost an effort to draw breath.
    I should be taking it easy, but no such luck!
    Feel better soon!

  2. I love John’s plain comfortable sweater. It looks very good on him, and grey is one of my favorite colors. Someday I will get some peace fleece, it’s so pretty.

  3. Of course…SWEET PEA!!! I’m so glad to see him!The snow pictures are very beautiful, too….such an opposite!

  4. I love the sweater and have a good stash of Peace Fleece. Of course I immedately ordered the pattern and a cardie pattern from them. I’m a no frills kind of person too. You have enabled well πŸ™‚

  5. What a handsome guy – nice sweater, too. I like plain. I have a whole closet full of Land’s End blazers – it’s my standard work uniform. Sorry you had to come back to snow, ice and a cold. Right now we’re sitting here braving out a bad windstorm. The power’s been off and on.

  6. That is EXACTLY the sweater Chuck wanted me to knit him. I don’t think I have the stamina for that much stockinette. Looks great and I love the name of the colour; sounds like a serious form of grey. Sort of like our sky.

  7. Glad you are feeling better. That is a beautiful sweater. Grey isn’t good for me, but almost any other color would do nicely… πŸ™‚

  8. The sweater looks great! Sometimes I think plain knitting is the best, since you can get into the rhythm almost right away.
    I’m glad Sweet Pea had a good time. πŸ™‚

  9. I love the sweater. It looks great. And the snow is pretty too. I miss seeing the snow up there. I don’t miss being trapped in the house because I can’t drive in snow, but I miss SEEING the snow.

  10. Oh now that sweater isn’t THAT big!!
    So what is a must see in Hawaii.. we are sneaking away without the kids in May!!

  11. The sweater is great! I’ve been putting off casting on a sweater for my own hubby – it’s SO BIG! :0) Plain knitting and solid grey sounds like a winner for most men I know.
    Get better soon!

  12. Very pretty photos. The snow looks familiar but the trees do not…
    I like John’s sweater! If you are the Land’s End Poster Child then I am the Eddie Bauer Poster girl. It goes nicely with the landscape πŸ™‚

  13. I love the Land’s End poster child comment…I could also be one. Or maybe Eddie Bauer/LL Bean, too. Beautiful sweater. I wish my husband would wear a sweater because I would truly love to knit him one but he’d rather go to the dentist than wear something that warm (he despises the dentist).

  14. I am glad you are back though I am sure you would have loved to stay in Hawaii longer. The snowy landscape is lovely though… we had so little snow this year here in North West Italy… And I do love the sweater. You are right. Intricate and lacey projects may be fun to knit but in the end it’s the plain sweater the one which becomes your fav. And your Big Grey looks great on your John.

  15. The sweater looks great on him! Dang, I wish ALL patterns had those details built in… And I’m with you two – I wear plain stuff, so I need to just knuckle down and knit plain stuff.

  16. Y’know, you can never go wrong with Peace Fleece. That stuff just knits up so nicely. And your model looks quite Land’s End!

  17. JOhn looks wonderful in that sweater – you did a fabulous job πŸ˜‰
    so sorry to hear that “the” cold caught up to you. It was a nasty one that went around.

  18. Wow! It’s fabulous! No, no~not plain, classic. I love a good fad, but never much buy into them. Classics truly are forever. I hope you’re feeling better, I always wanted to say “Physician, heal thyself!”

  19. Your husband is also handsome in HIS sweater! Nice to see these satisfied and proud husbands in their new hand knits! Ans sweet pea, I hope he has a nice warm scarf to substitute for that lei!! Here in Wisconsin we are experiencing record breaking total snow accumulation and very, very cold weather. I love it! I wouldn’t go to Hawaii to escape–I feel very superior in the snow!

  20. Ebola…you crack me up, grrl. I always think histo, or coccidio, or Hantavirus.
    That sweater looks GREAT. Do you think the pattern is worth buying just to have the shoulders and live neck stitches in my pattern library?