Big Pink….

Is still in transit, so you get cat photos.

I forgot to post two great photos of the closet remodel. Lucy mostly hangs out in our upstairs, rarely venturing downstairs unless there’s Dungeness crab on the table for dinner. She’s a bit weird about where she chooses to hide, but it’s usually someplace back in my closet. The lady that designed the closet had instructions to mostly keep the hanging stuff high enough so it wouldn’t be covered in matted cat fur, and I ended up with a perfect spot for a kitty bed, right next to the heat register.

Want to see closer? I thought so.

And that’s where Lucy spends most of her day.

If the mailman cooperates and gets that package to Arizona, I’ll have a finished project post soon.

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Big Pink…. — 10 Comments

  1. Every well-dressed closet needs a cat bed. I love that you considered that when issuing instructions to the closet designer.

  2. Lucy is a Queen and deserves a bed next to a heat register so that she is kept at the correct temperature. Now if only I could get myself a posh getup I think life would be just about perfect! And her choice of crab is spot on!

  3. Love it! So far, our cats have only investigated our new closet, but stick to other sleeping spots; the dog does have a bed in there, though its location is still a little fluid ;o)

  4. After all the times we’ve visited, I’m trying to remember if we’ve ever seen Lucy – I don’t think we have!