Black Hole

Well this has been one of those days. I had a few hanks of yarn that have somehow appeared around here in the past few months, and they needed to be put into storage.

I have told you about my fabulous overly obsessive-compulsive yarn database, haven’t I? I’m sure I have. Here’s what it looks like on my iPad.

photo copy

Glorious, eh? I have a billions skeins of yarn categorized in a sortable database so I can search by yarn name, fiber type, number of yards, and most importantly, know exactly which numbered box it is in.

So anyway, after I got my little new skeins all happily stored away, I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the whole thing, adding a few new database fields, deleting some yarns that have been used or given away, etc.

Every time I put new yarn into the storage warehouse, I’m reminded of the warehouse scene at the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark. You know the one.

That’s all for today. After all that sorting, I need a martini.

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My name is Lorette. I learned to knit in 1999, and took up spinning in 2009. I'm a physician specializing in internal medicine, and live in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy my blog!


Black Hole — 8 Comments

  1. Can you imagine all those boxes in that warehouse stuffed with yarn? I think my heart is palpitating!

  2. So organized! Once upon a time, I was that organized about my stash, and every single skein was in a database on my Palm Pilot. *pauses for laughter to die down* But then there wasn’t a way to convert that proprietary database into something else, so… *gnashing of teeth*

  3. I pride myself on not having a stash, and only buying yarn I am about to use. It looks like I am now about to use a whole armoire full. How did that happen?

  4. Being a person who LOVES organization, I am jealous of your database!! I long for something like that … sigh.

  5. Ravelry helps me keep track of my yarn and I have quite a bit, but your SABLE far exceeds mine. Good job of keeping it organize. Hope the martini was grand. Mine was! clink

  6. I’ve been using Ravelry so far to organize my yarn (a project still in progress), but once I have it all there, I was thinking I’d also put it on Bento. I’ve got the app for that on my iPad, and I can then take it with me anywhere. Then it will be on to my 13 Rubbermaid tubs of sewing fabric.

    Now if those were clear plastic boxes instead of crates, it would look quite like my yarn closet.