It only took me a month and a half to getting around to blocking the Ruffles shawl. In my defense, it's been 90 degrees here, and I can't wear it anyway.

At any rate, I got it washed and pinned out this morning.

I just did a “down and dirty” blocking. This yarn and the garter stitch makes for a really squishy comfy fabric, and I didn't want to change that too much.

This is the first time I've used those blocking pins. They are from Knitter's Pride, and it really makes getting a straight edge easy. I would need a ton more of them to do a bigger lace shawl, but I might just fork over the money for another set. They aren't cheap, and I have a huge set of blocking wires that work just fine, they're just fidgety. I went to a local welding shop several years ago and bought a big pack of thin wires. They work just like the expensive fancy blocking wires and were dirt cheap. I'll probably think about it for a bit, it's around $25 for one set of those**, and I'd probably need a couple more for a huge shawl. I think I might rather spend that on yarn. Not that I need that either.

I'll show a modeled photo once it's dry. And maybe once the temperature here drops into a reasonable range for woolies.

**Update. Amazon has them for 20 bucks, with free Prime shipping, so they're on their way.


Blockhead — 4 Comments

  1. It looks both cozy and pretty!

    I have wondered about those blocking pins – they seem like they would be a good idea …

  2. Do you remember what size wire you bought at the welder’s? The blocking wires I own are fine for straight edge blocking but too stiff for curves.
    It would be great to find something inexpensive for curved shawls.