Bluegrass Knitting Time!

I have no pictures to post today. It’s gray and rainy here, but more importantly, my knitting progress pictures would look just like the last ones. I’ve been mostly working on that two-color sock, and got as far as finishing the gusset decreases and starting the round-and-round-to-the-toe part, which is my favorite part. I stopped to try it on, decided that the heel flap needed to be longer, tore it back, in the process losing the freaking instep stitches. I had to rip out the whole heel flap to the beginning, get it all back on the needles, and redo it. I’m now into the gusset decreases again.


On the bright side, I got to go out last night to one of the weekly knitting groups that I sporadically attend when work allows. There is just not much better in the world than sitting in a cafe, gabbing and knitting. We even managed to drive one guy out, after he gave us a very dirty look. I guess he’s not a knitter. Or a gabber, for that matter. It certainly seemed like he didn’t appreciate either activity.

On an even brighter note, Wintergrass starts tonight. For those of you who have stuck with me for awhile, you know that bluegrass is next to a religious belief for me. Give me a hot banjo man anytime, and I’ll be happy. I can happily expound on who the best players in the world are: banjo, dobro, fiddle, mandolin, guitar. Just ask. Wintergrass is an annual four night festival held right here in good old Tacoma. It runs Thursday night, Friday night, then all day Saturday and Sunday. Perfect, if you ask me.

The lineup this year is pretty good. There are a few “big name” bluegrass groups (if there is such a thing!). One of the “headliners” is an acoustic singer-songwriter named Guy Clark. He sings more Texas-style country folk than bluegrass, but he’s been one of my favorite artists for years. My other picks for “don’t miss” artists are the Grascals, Uncle Earl (an all-girl group), the Wilders, and Laurie Lewis, a perennial favorite. There are always one or two new groups every year that light up the stage, though, so my view is that you can’t miss any of it, just in case.

I have my bluegrass knitting ready, my festival pass printed out, and I am so ready. I’ll be back when they hang up the last fiddle.

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Bluegrass Knitting Time! — 6 Comments

  1. Sounds wonderful! Be sure to give me heads up on the Darrington Festival – it’s closer to us and I’d like to try and make it this year.

  2. I didn’t know that about bluegrass, I love it too, not religiously though. But there’s just something about banjo music, that you can’t be in a bad mood after you’ve listened to it for a while, at least I can’t.

  3. I knew I should have stopped for coffee last night. Sorry I missed you-hope to catch up later! Have fun at the festival and STAY WARM!

  4. Have fun! And sorry to hear about the sock. I had to do some surgery on mine the other night. I even had to borrow a headlamp to fix it!

  5. Have a wonderful time at Wintergrass. I know this is one of your favorite things to do. Hope this years festival is particularly wonderful!