Can You Hear Me Now?

Actually, that should be, “can I hear you now?” More on the title as the post grows. First, I have had just the wildest week on earth.

I got to meet Dorothy again. She came and stayed at my house last Saturday and Sunday, so we could knit together and go to Seattle to hear the Harlot. Saturday we invited all our bleeding-heart-liberal-neighbor-friends over to meet Dorothy and impress her with their liberal jokes (I’m not sure it worked, but she was very gracious and put up with them nicely.) Actually the real reason that I invited them over was to prove to them that y’all aren’t really just my little imaginary friends. I’m not sure they believed previously.

Dorothy brought along several of her completed lace projects so I could drool on them. Now I truly have something to aspire to. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of them, but go to her blog and check back through her archives and photos. She does absolutely amazing stuff with needles and yarn.

Sunday we got up early to get to church before we headed off to the city. My mom always claimed that it was more or less acceptable to party on Saturday night, as long as you got your butt out of bed and went to church the next morning. My first clue that something was amiss was that I could hear Dorothy singing in my left ear (lovely voice, by the way), but I couldn’t hear myself sing. I just figured it was the allergy season, didn’t think too much of it, and we went on home after church. We collected Kris for the trip to Seattle, then went on a little yarn-shopping expedition. Here are my partners in crime at Weaving Works:


Note Kris clutching that yarn like I was going to steal it from her. I couldn’t have, I had my own hands full. We also went to Acorn Street yarn shop, and did a bit more shopping. Here’s D & K perusing the sidewalk sale. Sad to say, it was mostly really sparkly bizarre novelty yarn. They did have very nice stuff inside, though.


Here’s the stuff I bought:


More lace yarn, like I need more lace yarn.


Mountain Colors Bearfoot, like I need more sock yarn.


This, I needed. I still am on a mission to do knee highs, and found the pattern that I just need to make. This yarn is just the softest stuff on earth. Here’s a picture of the pattern, not the greatest, but you get the idea. It’s from Socks, Socks, Socks.


I might decide that those are a little ambitious, but what the heck.

After we cleaned out the yarn stores, we headed to Bothell to hear Stephanie. She was a total hoot, as usual, though my right ear was driving me crazy and I was starting to get a terrible ringing noise, along with progressively worse hearing.

Here’s Stephanie at the book signing table:


She was very gracious, and took a picture of me with her sock. I am so honored, and if I died now, I would be a happy woman, let me tell you.

By the time we got home, the noise in my ear had turned into something very annoying. It sounded a little like I was sitting in the middle of the runways at Seatac. When I woke up Monday, the noise was gone, and so was everything else from my right ear. I couldn’t hear a thing. We got Dorothy off on her journey home, and decided to skip the Bumbershoot festival that we had planned to attend. Being as it was Labor Day, I couldn’t do much about the hearing thing, but did manage to do a little google search for “sudden hearing loss”. Nothing particularly comforting there, but I still wasn’t panicked. Probably the funniest comment that John has made in a long time, however, was to nicely suggest that I “call somebody” and get an appointment Tuesday to check it out. No, I just thought I’d wait until the other one went, too.

Tuesday,ย  I started my wild work week, made additionally entertaining by the fact that I could only hear out of one ear. I did get an appointment with an ENT specialist late in the day, and after some testing, discovered that it unfortunately was not some simple ear infection, or even better, wax. And that I had rather profound hearing loss. He put me on high dose steroids and an antiviral drug, and sent me back to work, with an appointment on Thursday to retest.

The good news? My hearing is MUCH better. The repeat audiology exam Thursday shows that I have regained quite a bit of function. It’s not even close to back to normal, but I’m extremely encouraged.
The bad news? Steroid side effects. My particularly lovely manifestation has been that I am totally emotionally wrecked. I am normally not a crying woman, but I have been just crying at the drop of a hat. Nurses call me to ask if it’s ok to send somebody down to xray without a nurse? I cry. My boss is nice to me? I cry. You get the idea. Combine that with some very lovely drug-induced wild dreams, and a truly wildly busy work week, and it has just been a weird time. I go back Tuesday for another evaluation, and only have to take these damn drugs for a total of 11 days, so I suppose I’ll live.

Oh, and one thing that really made me cry today. I don’t normally talk about patient-related stuff here, for all sorts of reasons, but I got called for an all-fired emergency consult this morning up to the labor and delivery ward. Without giving up too much confidential info, a young woman was in the middle of labor, pushing, baby about to be born, had a medical issue rather acutely, and they called me upstairs. Everything turned out OK, medical issue got resolved, and mom and baby are perfect. (9 pounds 14 ounces perfect!) I got to see the little guy get born though. That was truly a gift, as I don’t normally have much to do with the OB ward, and haven’t seen a baby born in years. And I was even able to hear his first cry. With both ears.


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  1. Whoa! There’s a whole lot going on here! Please post when you get further results on your ear, I WILL worry about you. Looks like you had a great time though! Friends, yarn shopping and Harlot? Saw your photo on Dorothy’s site, so much friendly envy here!
    Don’t EVEN get me started on lace, I got the Forest Canopy pattern after reading your post on it. Hope the meds ease up on you. What’s that old adage? Physician, heal thyself? At least pamper thyself til your feeling better. {L}

  2. Just reading your words about the birth of that baby created quite an overwhelming response from me. Having shared that moment of pause, when the world (and life) seems on the edge of joy or sorrow, waiting in that fearful space of time, I have felt that there is no such beautiful noise as the first lusty wails of a newborn. I have never become less responsive to that special sound. And that you could hear it with both ears, made me cry. I am so very happy for your returning health.

  3. Wow. I’m glad your hearing is at least mostly back – and hearing that baby’s first cry… Wonderful. I can relate to steroid side effects. I don’t get weepy – I get REALLY CRABBY. GRRRRR. GRRRRR. You people. Stay away. GRRRRRR. Too bad I have to take the damn things every day.

  4. Isn’t Stephanie great? I’m so glad y’all got to meet her. And keep us posted on your hearing – for some reason, losing my hearing is one of the things I worry about….

  5. I grinned when I saw your picture on Stephanie’s blog! Very, very cool.
    Now hearing loss and steriods, not so cool. So glad that your hearing is coming back, even if you had to go on nasty steriods to do it. I’ve been on prednisone a couple of times and remember a crazy emotional roller coaster ride. Feel better soon!

  6. At least there was some very very good with the bad and the ugly!
    Having taken steroids, I feel you pain girl…just feel better!!

  7. What a great way to welcome back your returning hearing.
    And I totally understand about your reaction to steriods! Prednisone makes me CRAZY, weepy, and DROOLY. What a combo.
    Hope your ear returns to complete normalcy soon!

  8. Reading about the birth of the baby made me flash back to my own little boy’s birth. How we waited with bated breath for the doctor to pull him out (c-section) and show him to us. And he never really let out a wail, more of a whimper at having been disturbed. I’m glad you were able to see and hear that little miracle.

  9. How weird about your ear! But, so glad that the hearing came/is coming back . . . a temporary loss just makes you appreciate it that much more, right?

  10. Gee, and I thought all weekend you were just ignoring me! So sorry about the hearing loss and the meds. I can’t relate, never having had steroids, but certainly don’t want to now! I did have a wonderful time and you and John could not have been more gracious! How wonderful you got to witness a birth. The only one I’ve ever been there for was the birth of my son and I was little preoccupied, so can’t say I really enjoyed it..

  11. How awful about your ear! Hope that gets resolved quickly. My husband was on mega-steroids for years due to Crohn’s Disease, so I know how bad the side effects can be. At least you had a great time before the hearing problem started. May hearing the babe’s first cries be a good omen for your complete and rapid recovery.

  12. Phew, what a lot of stuff happening in your world! Congrats on the Stephanie pic – I saw it and was so pleased :0)
    Aren’t hormones the most crazy thing? I’ve been having my own struggle lately, and the other day some guy thanked me for checking his signature on his credit card when he paid for something, and off I went. I don’t know what is wrong with me, though. At least you had an excuse.
    Congratulations on witnessing the birth of a happy, healthy baby! What an amazing experience!

  13. That’s pretty cute – your husband telling you (the doctor) to go see a doctor. Aww…
    I am jealoust that you got to see the Harlot. We were out of town when she came near enough to Dallas for me to go. Oh well…maybe, some other time.
    Sorry about your hearing issues, but glad that things are getting better.
    Knit on, Woman!
    in the DFW area – where it is warm and sunny, but thunderstorms are rumored to be heading this way…

  14. I went (briefly) totally deaf on a med, and my hubby told me to call the doctor. Um, dear… Meantime, you have my heartfelt sympathies. If you do end up getting a hearing aid, I’ve worn two for 20 years now, since I was 27, and, having perfect pitch and having once aspired to professional musician status, I have a few opinions on a few brands if it would be of any help.

  15. Ohh, sorry about your ear. So medicine helps? Thats good even though it had side-effects.
    But you will not need to take the medication forever, right?
    I have operated both of my ears due to ostosclerosis, the last one this spring. I Still only have 80% hearing but it’s better than the 60% I had on them before.
    It seems everyone is off to see the YarnHarlot thesedays, is the book any good?

  16. Oh yikes–hearing problems are scary. I’m glad you are recovering quickly and hope that the side-effects don’t go on for too much longer.

  17. Oh, my! I was hoping you were going to show a picture of a snazzy new cell phone you got. I hope everything gets back to normal very soon!
    And don’t you love how helpful husbands try to be? ;o)
    BTW, how’s the Fit by 50 going?

  18. Wow, that’s so crazy about your sudden hearing loss. But I’m happy it seems to be resolving itself. And, BTW, I have to agree with you about Dorothy. Everything she knits is amazing.

  19. Wonderful that your hearing is returning—any idea what caused it??
    I saw your photo with Stephanie and was acutly jealous. And hanging out in one of my favorite yarn stores? Too much for me.

  20. Your post brought to mind one of my favorite quotes from a BBC tv show: “Time heals all wounds….unless you’ve got a rash, in which case, you’re better off with ointment.” ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m so sorry about your ear troubles. Medication induced bad dreams? Yuck – I’ve been there and it’s no fun. You can’t get the rest you need because of the bad dreams. I hope you’re feeling better soon.
    I’m selfishly very glad you’re going to try those socks! I’ve spent many a time drooling over those, but haven’t got the gumption to try ’em yet. I’ll cheer you on from the sidelines!

  21. That just has to be the most scary thing! What in the world could cause this? Love all your yarn and look forward to seeing your projects. That is awesome insight of your delivery experience..I’m sure it made you cry ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love your humor in this all and lets hope it’s nothing on-going! Oh, don’t forget to update your bloglines with my new URL…I moved from Typepad to blogspot! Take care!

  22. I’ve never heard of hearing going bad that quickly. I’m glad it’s getting better! The rest of your weekend sounds great. Someday maybe I’ll get to meet the harlot too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Thanks for your comment about my amnesia. Yes, I had a “bad trip” as they say. My short term memory still stinks–but maybe that is because I am over 50??? I remembered my memory as being better…..
    I recognized the photos of Weaving Works, that I visited with my friend Judy from Fall City, at the end of August. (I’m still filling in the pieces in my memory about that trip.) I bought some great sock yarn there. WW was the first stop on my trip to yarn shops. I bought a lot at Hilltop Yarns; we had Thai food nextdoor. Next time I hope you can join us in our yarn crawl.

  24. So glad you’re feeling better! I didn’t even know that the Yarn Harlot was in town until I checked out her blog and saw you on it! Hope you’re right as rain soon.