Cape Cod Breakfast Conversation

We're on a little mini-vacation this week. I have a medical meeting later in the week in Boston, and we arrived a few days early to visit Cape Cod since we've never been here before.

Here was the conversation at the breakfast table this AM.

Me: “I'd like to stop at that yarn shop we passed* yesterday.”

John: “Aren't they closed today?”

Me: “What?”

John: “Aren't all yarn shops closed on Mondays?”

Nice try, dear. Nice try.

Here are a couple of photos. First is from Plymouth, the monument that honors the Pilgrims that came over on the Mayflower.

And next is the sock on the way to Cape Cod.

*Cape Cod appears to be a yarn-rich environment. We drove by at least three yarn shops yesterday. I'm getting a feeling that the yarn-shopping fast may be approaching its end.



Cape Cod Breakfast Conversation — 6 Comments

  1. John tries, but he should know better. 🙂

    I am jealous of you, I love that area and the yummy food – but YARN STORES???? I really need to visit there now!

  2. Beautiful socks! I love the colorway. Tulips for you feet. With cheery socks like that even a grey day is bright.
    Julie in San Diego

  3. Love Cape Cod!! Great place to visit I have been there several times. My husband and I are going with friends again this fall. So did you stop at any of the yarn stores!