Cast On Sunday!

I am officially bored with everything I’m knitting. I actually like all my projects, but they’ve all been in progress for so long that they are starting to grow mold. There is only one thing to do in that circumstance: cast on something new!

I rummaged around in the yarn bins and found some lovely light fingering weight shiny stuff that I bought when we were in Europe this past fall. It was a simple matter to find a pattern that would work. I had both in the stash, and voilà, I even had the right size needles!


The yarn is Lana Grossa Lace Lux. It’s more of a light fingering than lace weight, and I have 930 meters of it. The color name is Platinum 10, though it looks more like cremini mushrooms to me. Very shiny cremini mushrooms, to be sure. It’s a wool/viscose blend. I got this somewhere on our trip through Amsterdam to Budapest, though didn’t write down where we were at the time.

The pattern is Miriam Felton’s Seraphim, so this is officially my Platinum Seraphim. Just to keep track, I’m using my Holz & Stein ebony needles, size 3.5mm. I uploaded the pattern to my iPad, tweeked it in KnitCompanion, and sat down to knit and watch those Seahawks lose today.

How about you all? What’s new on your needles?

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Cast On Sunday! — 13 Comments

  1. Such pretty yarn…I sure would love to get my hands on some of that stuff!

    As to what I’m working on right now, I’m on my 3rd set of fingerless mitts and about to begin my 4th. No, I’m not crazy about knitting fingerless mitts…I just have one more birthday to go and they are part of a set along with an infinity scarf. Then I’m going to work on a shawl and start a mystery KAL the first of Feb. Busy, busy, busy! LOL

  2. The yarn is beautiful. So mushroomy and delicious looking. It will make a wonderful shawl. I can’t believe I didn’t comment on your Faery Blood sweater, as it looks wonderful, and I know how thrilled you must be to have it all finished and ready for this horrifyingly cold weather. I must have read that post at work, where one can look, but cannot comment, and then forgotten to go back later.

  3. I love the yarn. It looks simply lovely and an excellent choice for the pattern. As for my needles….I am determined to finish the Compass Rose Stole I started in August 2012. I finally finished Clue Four. I had to wind a new skein and without a swift I wasted about a twaddle of yarn that is between a golf ball and a Cutie…..I lacked the patience to untangle it……oh well, another day I’ll tackle that.

  4. Me too! I am so bored with my never ending baby blanket (which really isnt going to slowly at all but I am tired of it). I have knit 2 bracelets (a triple bangle one and a bead stew one) and a beaded necklace while making the blanket….but I am so bored I cannot think of anything else to do!!!! I really really really want a kimono sweater – I have started it I dont know how many times – it is a simple 4 row repeat – and I think it is too easy – cause I keep messing it up….so I have given up on that idea! I need some ideas!!

  5. What an inspired pairing of yarn and pattern! I’m anxious to watch your progress!

    Just finished a scarf and a hat, am now working on a scarf and a collar. For humans. Though I could resize it for pets. . . Hmmmmm . . .

  6. I sat down to knit and watch the SF 49’ers on Saturday. Our game turned out a little better. I am knitting the Mezquita shawl. It is supposed to be an easy lace pattern but is causing me no end of trouble. Think maybe I was watching more football then knitting.

  7. That is going to be one gorgeous shawl! Love the shiny. I just finished a year long sweater project last night, but I think after knitting a hat I’ll just return to Evenstar before starting something new.

  8. The yarn is beautiful! I can’t wait to see how the shawl turns out. At the moment I am participating in the Downton Abbey Mystery KAL on Ravelry!

  9. What pretty yarn for your new shawl project- love the sheen to it. Glad to see someone else has a bad case of ‘startitis’ due to current knitting boredom. I’m currently working on 2 sweaters-on double’sleeve island’ with one, but couldn’t wait to finish it so I cast on for the “Angel” swing- sweater coat from Frog Tree Yarns, too. That should keep me busy!

    Sorry about the Seahawks (what a comeback they had in the second half!!), but they’ll be awesome next year. What a great new QB they have!!!

  10. Seraphim was my first lace, and for the last several winters, my go-to scarf/shawl. Last winter I ripped a hole in it. 🙁 Maybe I’ll make another one.

  11. What beautiful yarn. I had done Seraphim out of some old stash yarn that didn’t do it justice. It is a well-written and lovely pattern.