By Diana Gabaldon Now, this is a novel. I’ve read this one before, but have never gotten around to reading the rest of the series. I decided that this whole set of six books would make good summer reading, and … Continue reading


By Robin Cook This was one of the worst books I’ve read in a long time. One of my patients in the hospital finished it right before he was discharged, so he gave it to me. The plot surrounds a … Continue reading

The Boleyn Inheritance

By Philippa Gregory This was an enjoyable read. It continues the story of Henry VIII’s many wives, this time as he marries and discards Anne of Cleves. It’s relatively predictable, given that the story is well known and has been … Continue reading


by James Michener Lordy, where to start with this one. I liked this in some ways, hated it in others. I learned a lot of Hawaiian history that was new to me, but Michener’s writing style drives me a bit … Continue reading

Dead Until Dark

by Charlaine Harris This is the official first book of 2009. Dead Until Dark is the first in a series by Charlaine Harris. If any of you watched True Blood on HBO this past fall, you’ll recognize this story. It’s … Continue reading

Reading, 2007

I’m blogging this from Arizona, where it hasn’t rained in, oh, at least 24 hours. The sun is shining, I haven’t had a wool sweater on since I got here, and there has been plenty of bourbon consumed. I suppose … Continue reading

The Book Thing

The Rock Chick tagged me to do this one. Hoo-ray! The only thing I like to collect more than yarn and knitting gadgets is books, books and more books. I can’t pass a bookshop without falling in, then stumbling out … Continue reading

Book Report

I changed the book titles in the sidebar so I thought I would explain.  I finished “Middlesex”, by Jeffrey Eugenides.  I loved this book, even though it took me forever to finish.  It is a compelling novel about a young … Continue reading