This past work week was a bit hectic. To compensate, I've done nothing but just what I wanted to do all weekend. There is no better antidote to a crappy week than a Saturday and Sunday spent knitting, reading, playing … Continue reading

Sewing Up

  This is one of those knitting tasks that most people hate, as evidenced by the growing popularity of top-down, knit-all-in-one-piece sweater patterns out there. No finishing! No seams! Where's the fun in THAT, I ask? Hand sewing seams is … Continue reading

Why Yes,

I am a bit of an obsessive-compulsive nerd. Why do you ask?? Click on those to get a better close-up idea of the nerdiness. I’m at the point in the knitting of the True Blood Albatross Faery Ring sweater where … Continue reading

Half FO

I actually partly finished something today! Actually, it’s one sock of a pair, but that’s something, right? Everything else has sort of taken a back seat lately to 1)Spinning; 2) Feather and Fan baby stuff; and 3) Finding a new … Continue reading

Amaranth Socks

As promised last time, I have a finished project to show you. Here are the mismatched, not-quite identical Amaranth socks. If they look a little dilapidated, it’s because I couldn’t wait to wear them before I took photos! Project Details: … Continue reading

More Gadgets

Stephanie posted a picture of one of her knitting gadgets recently. Claudia also has a swell drug-dealer’s scale that she boasts about regularly. Between the two of them, they got me coveting one of these. It’s a Vector Fuzion Xtreme … Continue reading