Four Things:

I was tagged for this one by Gretchen! Four Movies you could watch over and over: 1) Philadelphia Story. Or Cary Grant in anything. 2) Paint Your Wagon. You haven’t lived till you’ve heard Lee Marvin sing. 3) Lord of … Continue reading

Merry Merry!

To all of you from the Knitting Doctor household: Merry Yule, Happy Hanukkah, Bright Solstice, Merry Christmas! Whichever tradition you and your family celebrate, here’s to a happy holiday and a very prosperous New Year for all! (And more yarn … Continue reading

Google It

Norma posted about this Monday. I love to check my Typepad stats to see how people got to my blog. The Google search strings are sometimes especially funny. After she wrote about this, I, being the completely original blogger that … Continue reading