Still Working On It

This is the never-ending knitting project, but I am nearing the end of this monstrosity. I have “only” nine repeats of the edging chart to go. Each repeat has 20 rows, 370 stitches, and 50 beads. Sigh. In other news, … Continue reading

Pink & Orange!

One pair of socks done, another pair started. I tossed the stash, and this is what came up next.   The yarn is Trekking, fairly vintage. The color is imaginatively named “1000”. I just love knitting little picot sock tops. … Continue reading

Lace Appreciation

Me: “Oooooh, you have to come look at this.” John: “What?” “Huh–nice!” (said in a very half hearted exclamation). Me: “No, really, it's gorgeous Shetland wool garter stitch! Look at those garter stitch wedges! Look at that lace mesh!” John: … Continue reading

Sewing Up

  This is one of those knitting tasks that most people hate, as evidenced by the growing popularity of top-down, knit-all-in-one-piece sweater patterns out there. No finishing! No seams! Where's the fun in THAT, I ask? Hand sewing seams is … Continue reading


This is it. It is just time to finish this one. This has been on the needles long enough. It's not exactly television knitting, so it might take a bit, but it needs to be done. Posted with Blogsy … Continue reading


Color Affection is becoming the bane of my existence. Don’t get me wrong, this is going to be a shawl I will love once it is done. But I’ve been plotting ever more interesting ways to destroy it for the … Continue reading


We've been on vacation this week! We rented a house in Seabrook on the Washington coast, and the kids and grandkids joined us here for a week of last-of-the-summer fun. They're all here till Saturday, though I have to work … Continue reading