Because I Can

Honest, I have been working on that big heavy wooly square sweater. But there is only so much heavy wool knitting I can handle in July. What's a knitter to do? Of course, cast on something new! OK, I didn't … Continue reading

Sleeve Island

Next modification to the pattern. For some reason, the sleeves on this sweater use a rolled stockinette edging, which doesn’t make sense, since the body edging is ribbed. I hate rolled edges anyway, so I dragged out this old post … Continue reading

Old Friend Sweater

Isn’t this what everybody does when the outside temperature threatens to hit the low 90’s? Whatever, it’s only 68 here so far this morning, so if I want to knit a heavy wool sweater, that’s what I’ll do. I finished … Continue reading

Blue Socks!

Finished! Project Details: Pattern: My own sock pattern. Cuff down, picot top, flap and gusset heel. Knit on 72 stitches aroundYarn: Flying Sock 100% BFL wool, Deep Ocean. Really nice “cushy” yarn.Needles: 2.00 mm Knitters Pride double points.Started: October 16, … Continue reading

Color Theory

I ran across this post yesterday. It’s a blog post by Jared Flood talking about color choices. This made me think a bit about my Color Affection shawl. Jared talks in his blog about hue, or color, and value as … Continue reading

Good Grief

It’s been over a month. I have no excuse. Well, I do, but they are all lame. Let’s just do a Project Roundup, shall we? It’s been so long that even I’ve forgotten what I’m knitting. Oldest first, those dog … Continue reading

Ravelry Queue

I’m finally getting around to going through all the fine pattern suggestions you guys left on the contest post. I’m not even close to being finished looking at them, but here are a few of my (mostly) new-to-me favorites so … Continue reading

Ten Years! Free Yarn!

That “free yarn” in the title always draws out the lurkers! So it’s been a whole decade since I’ve been sharing my knitting, spinning, goofy knitting mistakes, cooking, and traveling, along with a lot of other fun along the way. … Continue reading