Ravelry Queue

I’m finally getting around to going through all the fine pattern suggestions you guys left on the contest post. I’m not even close to being finished looking at them, but here are a few of my (mostly) new-to-me favorites so … Continue reading

Ten Years! Free Yarn!

That “free yarn” in the title always draws out the lurkers! So it’s been a whole decade since I’ve been sharing my knitting, spinning, goofy knitting mistakes, cooking, and traveling, along with a lot of other fun along the way. … Continue reading


We’ve been in Hawaii all week, but I just haven’t gotten around to posting about it. I have been taking photos, though. We’ve had a great time, it’s good to get out of the gloom that is the Pacific NW … Continue reading

Done Done Done!

Project Details: Creamy Alpaca Warm Neck Thing Pattern: Lacy Baktus Needles: Vintage faux tortoise shell straights, 4.00 mm Yarn: Classic Elite Inca Alpaca, cream, 3 skeins. From Deep Stash, Bin #1 For: Well, me. But John put it around his … Continue reading

Just Knit It!

That’s my new knitting campaign title. I have no lofty goals for knitting through those boxes of yarn I posted about last week, except that I want to end next year 2014 with fewer storage bins than I started with. … Continue reading