Mending Day

Yesterday while I was sitting around here feeling sorry for myself (cue up the coughing, sneezing, wheezing, sniveling), I decided to finish some long overdue projects from the mending basket. First up are buttons! The buttons on this sweater have … Continue reading

Project Update

Two posts in one month! Don’t anybody die of shock. For some inexplicable reason, I’ve had this whole week off, one of the side benefits of my very weird and erratic schedule. It’s a good thing too. I worked Friday … Continue reading

Oh Dear

Or,  I Guess I Forgot To Blog I know, I know. I just might have hit a record here for longest stretch without a blog post. I may not have been blogging but I HAVE been knitting. Here’s some proof: … Continue reading

Old Friend 2.0

Yes, it looked bigger before. Yes, I’ve knitted many more rows than this. Unfortunately, the gauge fairy didn’t let me know that I was delusional until I had knit the ribbing and another four inches of sweater. Gauge off, rip. … Continue reading

Totally Tubular!

Well crap. This is just what I needed, another project on the needles. You remember that purply-blue Peace Fleece from my last post, right? Well I really couldn’t control myself from casting on. There are all those Ravelry Peace Fleece … Continue reading

Project Update!

Well, three of them, anyway. I’m only taking photos this morning of the things I’ve been working on in the past few days. The rest of them can sit over there in their little bags and be quiet. Have you … Continue reading


This is going to be a very short post, since our internet access here is slowwwwww. We’re in a cabin outside Glacier Park for a week with my sisters and their spouses. It’s glorious, we’re having a blast, but the … Continue reading

John’s Sock

This is a moment that all of you that are sock knitters know well. You get close to the part where you start the toe decreases, and you are SO CLOSE! About a billion hours ago, I measured that against … Continue reading