We’re out of here for a few days. The kitchen remodel project has gotten to the “sand and repair the kitchen floor” phase. There are a few places that will need patching where we’re changing things, so most of the … Continue reading

Not Dead Yet!

Well, that wasn’t really an intentional month-long blog break. I’ve had some ugly-icky stuff going on at work over the past several weeks that I really couldn’t blog about (still can’t), for confidentiality reasons, but just really didn’t feel like … Continue reading


Just a quick post to show my “Tuesday Sky”. What a difference from the photo yesterday. Yes, that’s the same lake. With sunshine. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t rain all the time in the Pacific Northwest. It’s actually not … Continue reading

Life Is Not Fair

Just as a brief addition to yesterday’s post, in the category of “life is not fair”: During the 1st week of my participation in Weight Watchers, in which I faithfully counted points and ate only what I was supposed to, … Continue reading