Knitting Helper

  And she's ditched another collar and blingy tag. That's the second one, which is our limit for cat collars. Will lost about six of them before we gave up. The cats are all chipped, so the lack of collar … Continue reading


Or, Don’t Leave Your Knitting On The Floor When The Cat Is “Sleeping” Under Your Desk Temptation: The Fall: The Guilty Look: Whaaaaat? I wasn’t doin’ NOTHIN’, mom! … Continue reading

Big Pink….

Is still in transit, so you get cat photos. I forgot to post two great photos of the closet remodel. Lucy mostly hangs out in our upstairs, rarely venturing downstairs unless there’s Dungeness crab on the table for dinner. She’s … Continue reading


No knitting today. I’m still doing pink pink pink. Angie, if you’re trolling around here thinking you’re going to see something, think again. I’m not showing nothin’ till it’s done. So you get dog pictures. Lewey got a toy for … Continue reading