Yes, it’s that time of year again. Wintergrass, the annual bluegrass festival held in Tacoma, starts tonight and runs through Sunday evening. As usual, I have tickets for the entire festival. I also have my knitting lined up. The Peacock … Continue reading

To The Beach!

You will note that the ticker was reset again. I’m hopeless, but least I’m honest. More about that later. We went on a little road trip this weekend to the Oregon coast with the new car and the dogs. We … Continue reading

Bad Cat!

And in the time it took me to get that last post together, Lucy was quietly busy behind me. I got up from the chair and turned around: I was going to offer this yarn* to someone who wanted to … Continue reading

Pink Knitting

First, I joined Rebakah’s Yarn Focus Challenge again this year. That’s what the newest ticker is all about up there. So far, so good, though Madrona is this weekend, so I’m betting that one of my “free” days gets used … Continue reading

Dog Tricks

I’m back at work this week, so I haven’t had much time for knitting. I’ve put the two-color socks at the top of my list to finish, as I have NEW Socks That Rock yarn to get to. Not to … Continue reading