We’ve been in Hawaii all week, but I just haven’t gotten around to posting about it. I have been taking photos, though. We’ve had a great time, it’s good to get out of the gloom that is the Pacific NW … Continue reading


I’m sitting at the airport, on my way to a 7 day, 60-hour-plus medical meeting in Boston. What I’m most excited about is 60-hours-plus of KNITTING time. Weird, I know. That’s been suggested before by my spouse. I spent more … Continue reading


This is going to be a very short post, since our internet access here is slowwwwww. We’re in a cabin outside Glacier Park for a week with my sisters and their spouses. It’s glorious, we’re having a blast, but the … Continue reading

Ama Dolce!

We’re already more than half way through our two week river cruise on the Ama Dolce, so I thought I should post some photos! We have a pretty slow internet connection on the ship, so I’ll just post a short … Continue reading


Or, A Holland Haul! We’ve been having a terrific time in Amsterdam. We arrived Tuesday morning, and have been busy touring the city and nearby countryside for the past several days. We have friends in Manchester that met us here, … Continue reading