Ama Dolce!

We’re already more than half way through our two week river cruise on the Ama Dolce, so I thought I should post some photos! We have a pretty slow internet connection on the ship, so I’ll just post a short … Continue reading


Or, A Holland Haul! We’ve been having a terrific time in Amsterdam. We arrived Tuesday morning, and have been busy touring the city and nearby countryside for the past several days. We have friends in Manchester that met us here, … Continue reading

Hawaii, Part One

I figured I’d better post something to prove we’re really here! I was scanning through my spam filter this morning before deleting, and found this comment: Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, … Continue reading

First Day In Photos

Puerto Vallarta, of course! Here you go: I guess I’m easily amused. 24 hours in this sunny place, and my seasonal affective disorder is all but a dim memory. P.S. The boys making those mojitos and margaritas last night were … Continue reading

UK, Part One!

I guess I can’t just say Scotland, since the first leg of our trip was to Manchester England! Here’s the first installment of the Scotland/UK photos. John is still sorting through them. I was pleasantly surprised by the Manchester part … Continue reading

Still In Scotland

We’re still in lovely Scotland, but finally have a reliable enough internet connection to attempt a blog post. We’ve been having a fabulous time, and I thought I’d give a little update. Where to even start with the photos? We … Continue reading


No rain, no clouds, it’s actually warm here. I can already tell that we will love San Diego and want to come back. We got here late yesterday, then had a nice dinner last night at an Iranian restaurant in … Continue reading

More Knitting Time!

No photos today, since I’m supposed to leave for the airport in 2 hours and have neither showered nor packed (what? Plan ahead? I’m supposed to do that??). We’re heading to sunny San Diego for the week. The American College … Continue reading