Fun In The Sun!

Today was just another crappy day in PV! Today we took the city bus downtown to browse around a bit. We walked along the oceanfront boardwalk, the Malecon, and then downtown a bit. I’m not posting all the photos that … Continue reading


I already don’t want to go home. We got here yesterday afternoon, and I’ve fallen in love with the place. I’m not so in love with all the hucksters selling time shares on every corner, but now that we know … Continue reading

Fun On The Left Coast

Well, actually the North Coast. People tend to forget that our country does have a northern coastline, and it’s out here in western Washington. John’s sister Ena and her friend Sherry were visiting this past week from Georgia, and we … Continue reading


We’re off on another adventure. This time it’s to Colonial Williamsburg. We’re using a week of timeshare as a base of operations. After a bit of a hectic week at work, I raced home, packed in under an hour, and … Continue reading