OK, I really didn’t mean to go two weeks without blogging again. That was one of my New Year’s resolutions. This doesn’t bode well, does it? Here are a few of the rest of them. These are not in any … Continue reading

River, Part 2

Ok, I was going to start with a list of excuses for why I haven’t posted since the last time, but you’ve heard them all, really. So I’ll just jump in with the story of the Great River Trip 2008. … Continue reading

The River

No, that’s not the name of my new shawl. It’s still “that cream lace shawl”. Although last night there were a few expletives interspersed in the name. I came to a mistake, and in the process of trying to fix … Continue reading

To The Beach!

You will note that the ticker was reset again. I’m hopeless, but least I’m honest. More about that later. We went on a little road trip this weekend to the Oregon coast with the new car and the dogs. We … Continue reading


For Claudia, because she asked so nicely. And doesn’t everybody knit on the beach? I’m off to bed. Tomorrow we’re headed to see the sights at Pearl Harbor, so I need a good night’s sleep! … Continue reading