Chaos, Part 2

Unfortunately, I think there might be more than 2 parts to this home-remodeling chaos. The floors are sanded, stained, and have the first finish coat on them. The painters got them covered up with paper before I could get a good shot. Tuesday the painting guys showed up, and we are finally getting an idea what this will look like when it’s all done. Here are some photos:

Our bedroom, wrapped in plastic.


Everything in the house was previously painted a stark white. When we get done with it, the trim and ceilings will be a creamy white, with a yellow shade for the walls, and a light sage color for our bedroom.

The new bathroom door that the guys rigged up:


Riley loves this project. There is somebody new at the house every day. She thinks they are all here just to see her.knitting_update_7705_023

Lucy the Cowardly doesn’t think much of the whole project. Being the big chicken that she is, she has discovered this spot in the TV/cable box cabinet to hide out.


Here are our new French doors out to our patio, with the first coat of yellow on the walls:


And a shot from our kitchen which shows just a little of how different this place is going to look when we’re done with it:


The really bad part about remodeling is the “oops, I made a clean spot” phenomenon. This really started as a wood floor project, then morphed into knocking out walls and replacing tile, painting, and new doors. Yesterday we decided that all the carpet in the upstairs master bedroom level is going to look like crap next to the new tile and paint, so it’s going as well. I don’t want to pack up all that junk upstairs into boxes twice. It’s all jammed into the garage now, so we might as well go for it. We picked out the floor carpet yesterday in about five minutes. I think I have reached that “I can’t make any more decisions right now” point.

On the knitting front, I have gotten a bit more done on Birch, in between micro-managing the home project. I’m hoping to have it done by the weekend. Blocking might have to wait a bit until the mess around here is under some control, though.


We received some very sad news over the weekend. If you’ve been visiting here regularly, you’ve met Daisie, our neighbors’ Corgi. She and Riley were best friends, since my husband would pick her up on the way to the park almost every day over the last year. Daisie was hit by a car on Sunday, and died instantly of her injuries. She was just the sweetest dog I’ve ever met, and we’ll all miss her greatly.knitting_update_12805_012_1

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Chaos, Part 2 — 22 Comments

  1. Your house is really coming together, Lorette! It’s looking great!
    Sorry to hear about Daisie. It’s so hard to lose a friend, even an animal friend.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Daisie. It really takes just the blink of an eye for something like this to happen in spite of all our love and care for them.

  3. Sweet Daisy. Thank goodness it went quick for her. I hate to see the animals in any kind of pain!!! They just don’t understand it.

  4. Poor Daisie…poor you and Riley. She will be missed. What a wonderful ‘new’ place you will be living in when it’s all done! I’m envious of the new paint and carpet.
    That cat is a smart cookie!

  5. I’m so sorry about Daisie. Poor Riley (and you) – to lose a friend like that.
    The house is looking wonderful. It’ll be like having a brand new house!

  6. Poor sweet Daisy. She looks like she was such a good little doggy friend.
    You may have said this in the past, but I suffer from inattention disorder. Where are you living, in the garage?

  7. Oh, Daisy! That’s far too close to home . . . I lost my very loved Katy to a car when she was 20-months old. (Darn tennis ball hit the one tree in the whole yard and bounced into the street right in front of a car. Just about the most horrible moment of my life, watching the car and Katy intersect like that.) And Chappy’s best friend is a corgi, who looks a lot like Daisy. So, so sad! My condolences.

  8. Poor Daisy! She looks like such a cutie. I hope Riley will be okay.
    The remodeling is fantastic. I looked through your other posts for pictures. Wish I had a home to remodel!

  9. Poor Daisy! She looks like such a cutie. I hope Riley will be okay.
    The remodeling is fantastic. I looked through your other posts for pictures. Wish I had a home to remodel!

  10. The house is really coming together! I really love that yellow! That is the color of our kitchen 🙂

  11. I’m sorry Daisy got hit. My sympathies to all.
    The house is looking fresh, updated, and beautiful. Bet you can’t wait!

  12. Omg I’m so sad to hear about the poor doggy 🙁 It’s so hard to lose an animal.
    I know what you mean about the clean spot. It’s like a domino affect. It’s all looking great. I love the French Doors.

  13. So sorry about Daisie. I hope her family and yours will recover soon from the loss…we have friends who had a corgie–such a smart breed of dog.
    Glad you’re back in “blogland”. I’ve been checking regularly and was excited to see how things are coming along.

  14. Please give your friends my condolences about Daisie. I am so sad about this! I know that Kathi had been impressed with them, even though they had already found a home for Edward. I know it’s probably the last thing on their minds right now, but maybe when the time is right they will be able to work out something with another beautiful Corgi.

  15. My sympathies on the loss of Daisy.
    My further sympathies on the renovation. Damn. The mess gives me the heebie jeebies.

  16. So sorry about Daisie – she looks like such a sweet dog.
    I’ve been reading about your renovations with awe – it looks great!

  17. When we did those types of renovations in our house we were doing the work ourselves. I thought the mess would never end. I think it gave me some sort of post-traumatice dust-stress disorder. Now I get a bit freaked everytime the house gets a bit out of control.
    I’m so sorry about Daisy. My sympathies to y’all and to your neighbors….and Riley, too!

  18. my condolences to the family who lost Daisie, and to everyone who knew her. I remember reading about how the “friendship” between the two dogs was formed, and always thought she had spirit in her eyes.
    on a lighter note, your home is really getting a makeover! I hear that the “clean spot” thinking is quite common, and remember when my parents hit the “I do not want to decide anything else” phase of the projects. I think it means you’re on the other side, and the end is closer in sight. How will Riley react when all of his friends leave? I hope he gets a chance to wean off of all the friendly faces….

  19. We remodeled last year. Did you know the four most expensive words in remodelling are “while we’re at it…” It will be lovely when you are done!