That would be my house at the moment. The remodeling is proceeding, though messily and slowly. The front entrance tile is almost in, and the grouting and finishing will hopefully be done in a few days. The boys are here to sand the wood floors this morning, and we are plastic-sheeted into a corner of our house. After the floors get finished, the other boys will come and paint the whole upstairs. I will almost be glad to go back to work tomorrow so I can pretend this just doesn’t exist for awhile.

Here are a few pictures. Where our living room used to be is now a dance hall. We tried it out the other night after a few bourbons, and I think we’ll turn it back into a living room. Note the classy furniture.


Here’s the front tile.


My yarn is locked up behind several layers of plastic, doors, and boxes, hopefully to keep the sawdust out.

When life is in chaos, I shop. It seems that there is an epidemic of yarn-buying around the blogs this week, so I joined the crowd. I couldn’t resist buying enough Cotton Ease for two sweaters of some sort. I ordered it from the Lion Brand website, and it hasn’t arrived yet to take pictures, but I got the Banana Cream and the Candy Blue colors. Sitcom Chic, here I come!

Elann has Pakucho Organic Cotton on sale, and I bought enough in Forest to make this cardigan:



I’ve had the pattern for awhile, but didn’t get around to getting the yarn until now.

Last but not least, Alpaca & Silk, from Blue Sky Alpacas, purchased from Knit Pixie. I want one of everything they have for sale! This will be a lacy scarf someday when it grows up. It is indeed as pretty as it looks.


Lest you think that all I do is shop for yarn and dream about new projects, here are photos of actual knitting. The three projects are the Rogue sweater, the Black Hole Birch shawl, and the Lorna’s Laces socks.




I’m going to go find someplace quieter than home to knit today….say, perhaps by the runway at SeaTac.


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  1. Been there, done that on the remodeling, including the wood floor. You’ll love it deeply when finished. And you’ll never want to see plastic sheeting again, ever.

  2. i can’t comment on the remodelling having never been through that little drama myself. However, i promise you – Birch will turn the corner and then it will just fly! Not too long now!

  3. This sounds so familiar! Our house is just emerging from its renovating-chaos. We’re relieved and oh, so pleased. It’s worth it! (And, really, how many people get to have dance halls in their living room??)

  4. That’s plenty of knitting! You have to buy enough to keep up with your potential FOs.
    The remodeling sucks. It’s miserable having people who act like Neanderthals in your house…they make lots of noise, leave a mess, and are sure to return.

  5. Love the floors! We’ve been remodeling for 25 years, not finished yet, so the upside of
    “the boys” is that it means hiring help will get the jobs done…aargh.
    I think I’ve seen that cardi pattern before. It’s gorgeous! Where, may I ask, could one find it??
    I just started Lorna’s Laces socks for the first time and I love how it feels! enjoy! Hang in there…and I totally hear you about finding a quieter place to knit,*drink a latte* and knit!

  6. You guys should try yarn bowling on those floors. Doesn’t that sound like fun?
    Oh, and thank you for the reminder about sitcom chic. I’ve been wanting to start a new project and had forgotten about that one!! Sweet.
    Off to swatch.

  7. Wow, you are way productive! Your projects look great. I also want to buy everything that Knit Pixie sells – all their yarn is wonderful!

  8. I have serious floor envy! We’ve been working on our kitchen for a dog’s age and I can’t wait to tile. I hope the floor feels great underfoot.

  9. I love Rogue; that’s a fantastic color for it. And your floors look great. Here’s hoping for a quick finish, and no sawdust in the yarn!

  10. I really like the color of your birch! Keep that yarn covered up until everything is done – when they painted my yarn shop – I had inadvertently left a box of yarn in the storeroom and I had to donate it to Goodwill because of the smeall – it wouldn’t really wash out and then after washing I couldn’t sell it.

  11. Oh, I hope your remodelling goes quickly! Its going to be great I am sure when its done!
    And you have some beautiful new yarn. I knit the bag from Last Minute knitted Gifts with the Alpaca and Silk… its dreamy, so soft, and it flows so nicely! I am going to have to check out that website!

  12. Your remodeling job looks as though it will be quite lovely when it is finished…..not fun to live thru though is it?
    I love the blue sky alpaca…..soooooo pretty!

  13. Hang in there……..remodels are hard to live thru, but soooooo worth it in the end.
    I LOVE the blue sky alpaca…so pretty!

  14. I hope the chaos has ended and you’re able to enjoy this weekend! (if you have it off; if not, then I hope you’re able to enjoy a block of time work-free in your “new” home!) I’ll admit that as much as I like travelling and being other places, I can’t wait to have a house of my own (complete with projects like new floors!). With any luck I’ll get my travelling bug out of my system and in a few years the right house will come along.
    I haven’t (yet) gotten a chance to work with a lot of the yarns you posted – my “wish” list has certainly gotten longer since reading blogs! Every one of your projects looks wonderful, and though I turned into a one-project-that-is-probably-just-a-sock knitter, I hope to have similar projects on the needles soon!
    Happy 4th of July šŸ™‚